In early times, the Jersey parish Recteur was a life appointment and in the past, made also from amongst the local parish priesthood - carrying the freehold tenure of the Rectory, conditions that no longer apply today.  The first Rector to again be appointed from outside the island was as recent as 1949.  Historically the Rectors had a seat in the Legislature - a political move to replace them with elected Councillors in 1907 failed as did a later (1925) proposition.  The Rectors finally lost the ex officio seat in the Legislature during Constitutional changes in 1948.   The Dean however still has a voice in the States, but no vote.


St. Helier

Helier (Helibertus), possibly the first Christian missionary to the island, was murdered by Saxon pirates c. 555 AD. - The earliest reference to the Office of Rector for this parish was in 1053.

1294 Nicolas Du Pont.
1295 Robert de Carteret.
1309 Johan Le Sauvage.
1392 Pierre d’Artis .

The names above were in very early documents and only referred to the person as a Rector of the parish of St. Helier.

1371-1385 Roger Walden ( Later, Archbishop of Canterbury ).
1432 Rogier Herbert .
1482-1502 Johan Bunouet
1502-1536 Andre de la Hougue
1538-1540 Jean Nicolle
1541-1553 Charles Mabson
( First Protestant Rector )
1553-1559 Louis Gibaut (Vice Dean)
1562 Guillaume Morice. Seigneur de la Ripaudiere
   ( French Huguenot )
1567 Thomas Johanne
  ( French Huguenot )
1570-1577 Jean de Monanges
  ( French Huguenot )
1577-1583 Guillaume Bonhomme
( French Huguenot )
1583-1586 Pierre Henry dit Nangy
  ( French Huguenot )
1591 Mathieu de la Faye. Seigneur de la Vigne
( French Huguenot )
1593 Jean de Bihan
( French Huguenot )
1595 Claude Parent
( French Huguenot )
1596-1638 Thomas Oliver (Vice Dean)
1638-1643 Pierre d’Assigny
( French Huguenot )
1646-1651 Pierre Faultrart
1654-1657 Josué Bonhomme
1657-1660 Francois Le Couteur
1660-1686 Jean Dumaresq
1687-1696 Joseph Pythios
1696-1705 Jean Dumaresq (jun)
1706-1716 Francois Le Couteur (Vice Dean)
1717-1734 Francois Le Couteur (jun)
1735-1761 Pierre Daniel Tapin
1761-1784 Jean Dupré (Vice Dean)
1784-1823 Edouarde Dupré, D.C.L. (Dean)
1823-1837 Corbet Hue, D.D. (Dean)
1838-1844 Franis Jeune, D.C.L. (Dean.
later - Bishop of Peterborough)
1844-1849 James Hemery, M.A. (Dean)
1850-1875 Philip Filleul, M.A. (Vice Dean)
1875-1888 William Corbet Le Breton, M.A. (Dean)
1888-1906 George Orange Balleine, M.A. (Dean)
1906-1937 Samuel Falle, M.A. (Dean)
1938-1959 Mathew Le Marinel, M.A. (Dean)
1959-1971 Alan Stanley Giles, C.B., C.B.E., M.A. (Dean)
1971-1984 Thomas Ashworth Goss, M.A. (Dean)
1985-1993 Basil Arthur O’Ferrall, C.B., M.A., R.N. (Dean)

1993 - The Very Rev. John Nicholas Seaford, B.A. (Dean)

St. Brelade

Saint Brelade or Branwalader, son of the 6th century Celtic King Kenon,  is a possible founder of this church c. 550 AD.

1296 Sire Ranulphe Maret
1298 Sire Robert de Cumberwell
1309 Sire Richard Le Pestour
1348 Sire John de Haselshawe
1362-1379 Sire Pierre Payn
1411 Sire Johna Prevost
1497-1499 Sire Guillaume Fondan
1499-1500 Maitre Guillaume Nicholson
1500-1505 Maitre Richard Le Haguais

1506-1523 Sire Nicolas Messervy
1523-1545 Sire Guillaume Vautier
1546-1554 Sire Thomas Bertram
1554-1565 Sire Nicolas Alexandre
1565-1572 M. Thomas Bertram
1572-1574 Maitre John Poulet
1574-1576 M. Guillaume Morise
1583-1585 M. Marin Chrétien dit Bonespoir
1585-1601 M. Claude Parent
1601-1628 M. David Bandinel (Dean)
1629-1645 M. Pierre Fault
1647-1651 M. Daniel Boullain
1654-1658 M. Pierre Faultr
art (2nd time)
1658-1692 M. Jean Falle
1693-1705 M. Edouard d’Auvergne, M.A.

1706-1718 M. Jean Cartault
1718-1733 M. Philippe Messervy, B.A.
1734-1738 M. Charles Lempriere
1739-1743 M. Charles Godfray
1743-1772 M. Rodolphe Hue
1772-1782 Le Rév. M. Amice Bisson, B.A.
1782-1783 Le Rév. M. Edouard Bisson B.A.
1783-1788 Le Rév. M. Philippe de la Garde
1788-1818 Le Rév. M. George Bertram, M.A.
1818-1829 Le Rév. M. Philippe Filleul, M.A.
1829-1881 Le Rév. M. Edouard Falle, M.A.
1882-1892 Le Rév. M. Josué Le Sueur, M.A.
1892-1942 Le Rév. M. John Arthur Balleine (vice Dean)
1946-1971 Le Rév. M. William George Tabb (vice Dean)
1971-1996 Le Rév. M. Michael Halliwell, M.A. (vice Dean)

St. Peter

Stones dating from the 9th & 10th century may be seen in the fabric of the church walls, indicating a reconstruction ?  from an earlier place of worship.

- - Nicholas Le Galicien
1292 Thomas Malherbe
1292-1309 Guillaume Payn
1349 Richard de St.Gillas
1349 Robert Le Vavasseur
1350 Roger Hasteyn
1371 Johan Condit
1485-1496 Jacques de Briqueville
1496-1507 Nicholas Gibaut
1507-1532 Jean Larbalestier
1546 Nicolas Le Brun
1576 Pierre de Chaumont
1577-1583 Guillaume Eschart
1583-1585 Pierre de la Place
1585-1586 Pierre de Chaumont
1586-1610 Thomas Milet
1614-1626 Elie Messervy
1627-1651 Daniel Gruchy
1660-1672 Josué Bonhomme
1672-1731 Hugh Grandin
1732-1742 George Lempriere
1742-1788 Richard Le Feuvre
1789-1800 Jean Mallet
1800-1815 Francois Ricard
1815-1829 George Balleine
1829-1848 Philippe Filleul
1848-1877 Clement Le Hardy
1877-1897 William Brine Le Maistre
1897-1940 Francis de Gruchy
1949-1954 Montague Wallis
1955-1963 Charles Thacker
1964-1973 Evelyn Chavasse
1973- The Rev. Canon Barry Giles (vice Dean)

St. Ouen

This parish church is dedicated to St. Ouen,  the 7th century Archbishop of Rouen. There is evidence of a chantry chapel of the late 7th century on the site,   probably built by monks from Normandy.

1156 Etienne
1190 Guillaume
1296 Robert de Camberwell
1297 Geoffrey de Filebek
1348 John de Hedyndon
1371 William Humphrey de Boole
1459 Clement Poyndestre
( died within a few months )
1459 Ralph Gosselin
1505-1506 Pierre Le Moigne
1506-1526 Jacques de Carteret
1537-1546 André Powes
1546-1554 Richard Payn
1554-1559 Benois Robin
1565 Thomas Bertram
1570 M. Pinçon (French Huguenot)
1576-1598 Pierre de la Place
( French Huguenot )
1599-1620 Thomas Le Sebirel
1623-1645 Etienne La Cloche
1651-1652 Jean Le Vavasseur dit Durell, MA
1653-1664 Pierre de la Place
( g.grandson of Pierre, above )
1664-1699 Jean-François Guillet
1700-1718 Edouard Payn, B.A.
1719-1757 Philippe Falle
1763-1784 Jean du Parq
1785-1794 Jean Boudier
1795-1810 George du Heaume, M.A.
1812-1815 George Balleine, M.A.
1815-1823 François Picard
1824-1826 Philippe Aubin, M.A. B.D.
1826-1860 Philippe Payn
1860-1890 George Clement, M.A.
1891-1935 John Pépin, M.A.
1935-1945 John Sydney Norman
1947-1976 Edward James Aubin Richardson
1977-1984 Denis Albert John Gurney
1985-1998 Raymond George Speck

Saint Mary

The parish church of Sancta Maria de arso monasterio    (Saint Mary of the burnt monastery) est. c.1042.

1298 Sire Guillaume de Marchia ( Bishop of Bath and Wells, - unlikely that he ever set foot in Jersey )
1349 Sire Nicolas Galicien (Gallichan ?)
1496-1501 Sire Johan Le Jarderey (Le Jardré)
1501-1541 Sire Nicolas Despetits (Des Petiz)
1544-1546 Sire Nicolas du Val (Duval)
1546-1553 Sire Clement Le Demptu
1553-1559 Sire Jean Gruchy
1559-1574 M. Jean Gruchy  
( Réformation )

1574-1576 M. Jacques Destravaux
1576-1584 M. Guillaune Morise
1584-1599 M. Nicolas Baudouin
1600-1620 M. Samuel de la Place
1620-1626 Vénérable Homme David Bandinel
( later, a Dean of Jersey )
1626-1643 M. Jacques Bandinel
( elder brother of above )
1647-1651 M. Philippe Le Couteur
1652-1660 M. Jean de la Place
( brother of Samuel, - above )
1660-1677 M. Daniel Gruchy, M.A.
1678-1705 M. Richard de Carteret
1706-1728 M. Thomas Le Breton, M.A.
1729-1765 Vénérable Homme Francois Payn, M.A.
1765-1777 Le Rév. M. Francois Le Breton
( younger brother of Thomas, - above )
1777-1804 Le Rév. M. Francois Valpy
1804-1837 Le Rév. M. Clement Dumaresq, B.A.
1838-1856 Le Rév. M. Philippe Guille, M.A.
1856-1879 Le Rév. M. Le Couteur Balleine, M.A.
1880-1895 Le Rév. M. Edouard Luce, M.A.
1896-1918 Le Rév. M. Sorel John Gruchy, M.A.

1918-1922 The Rev. Elias William Gilley, M.A.
1922-1960 The Rev. Clarence Charles Ouless
1961-1971 The Rev. Murray Clinton Millard
1972-1986 The Rev. Michael Vibert Harrison

St. Lawrence

The parish church of Saint Lawrence the Martyr,  the Abbot of Blanche-Lande in Normandy. The oldest document to mention this church is a charter of 1198

1198 Sire Geoffrey
1200 Sire Ralph du Val
1297 Sire Guillaume Viventis
1309 Sire Vivian Mahumet
1337-1340 Sire Guillaume Pallot
1350 Sire Nicholas Hastyn
1497-1502 Sire André Maret
1502-1558 Sire Louis Hamptonne
1567-1570 Sire Etienne Gallichan
1572-1576 M. Edouard de Carteret
1577-1580 M. Claud Parent
1580-1583 M. Françoise Le Brocq
1583-1627 M. Josue Bonhomme
1627-1649 M. Thomas Payn
1650-1693 M. Josue Ahier
1693-1705 M. Philippe de la Place
1709-1729 M. Jean Baptiste Sorsoleil
1730-1747 M. Philippe de Gruchy
1748-1782 Le Rév. M. Edouard Bisson
1782-1812 Le Rév. M. Amice Bisson
1812-1852 Le Rév. M. George du Heaume
1852-1887 Le Rév. M. Thomas Orange
1887-1929 Le Rév. M. Adolphus O. Balleine
1929-1938 Le Rév. M. Philip John Mourant
1938-1954 Le Rév. M. Charle P. du Heaume
1954-1962 Le Rév. M. Lawrence F.M. Helleur
1963-1972 Le Rév. M. Francis A. Turner
1972-1980 Le Rév. M. Henry Mauger Le Feuvre
1980-1990 Le Rév. M. C.L. Laurence Binder
1990-1995 Le Rév. M. Neville D. Beamer

St. John

The parish had the ancient title, Saint Jean des Chenes (de Quercubus) (of the oak trees)

c.1297 Sire Richard Guesdel
1309 Sire Richard Gerart
1349 Sire Roger Hasteyn
c.1498 Sire Pierre Le Couteur
1499 Sire Guillaume Britte
1499-1534 Maitre Edouard Messervy
1542 Sire Nicolas Maret
1546-1554 Sire Johan Journeaux
1554-1557 Maitre Jacques Amy
1557-1559 Sire Edouard Hamon
1559-1580 M. Edouard Hamon ( Réformation )
1583-1588 M. Oliver Menier
1588-1590 M. de la Vallée
1592-1602 M. Nicolas Le Duc
1604-1651 M. Daniel Brevint
1651 M. Josué Bonhomme
1655-1662 M. Constan Guenard
1663-1714 M. Clement Le Couteur
1715-1742 M. Elie Dumaresq B.A.
1743-1778 Le Rév. M. Charles Godfray
1779-1790 Le Rév. M. Thomas Syvret
1790-1800 Le Rév. M. Francois Ricard
1880-1808 Le Rév. M. Jean Mallet
1809-1818 Le Rév. M. Michel Dupré, B.A.
1819-1848 Le Rév. M. Philippe Dupré
1849-1863 Le Rév. M. Samuel Wright
1863-1875 Le Rév. M. Thomas Le Neveu, B.A.
1875-1877 Le Rév. M. George Poingdestre, M.A.
1877-1880 Le Rév. M. Edouard Luce, M.A.
1880-1887 Le Rév. M. Adolphus-Orange Balleine
1887-1891 Le Rév. M. John Pepin, M.A.
1891-1937 Le Rév. M. Ernest St.John Nicolle, B.D.

1938-1947 The Rev. Raymond Sefton Hornby
1947-1951 The Rev. Arthur Reginald Anderson Watson (Minister)
1951-1965 The Rev. John Vernon Ward-Booth
1965-1985 The Rev. Peter Geoffrey Kevitt Manton
1985-1994 The Rev. Michael George St.John Nicolle
1995-  The Rev. Andrew James Thewlis


In the middle of the 12th century, Henry II granted to the Abbey of St. Helier,  the patronage of Trinity Church.

1298 Sire Nicolas de Cumbervill
1348 Sire Thomas de Wylne
1411 Sire John Malo
1437 Sire Guillaume Malo
1497 Sire Martin Le Montais
1498 Sire Guillaume Nicholson
1499-1508 Maitre Guillaume Brette (Dean)
1526-1527 Sire Leonard Triguel --- Sire Ralph Bertram and Sire Geoffrey Neel. (Vicairs)
1529 Sire Robert Guillemelles
1551 Sire Michel Guerdain
1551-1559 Sire Francois Mallet MA.
1576-1606 M. Laurens Machon
1612-1637 M. John Mollet
1637-1641 M. Josué Slowley
1641 M. Jean Bandinel
1642-1681 M. Josué de la Place
1681-1690 M. Philippe Falle MA.
1690-1708 M. Francois Le Couteur
1709-1723 M. Thomas Cartault
1725-1729 M. Francois Parain de Durette
1730-1765 M. Pierre Joubaire
1766-1811 Le Rev. M. Jean de la Cloche
1811-1850 Le Rev. M. Jean Thomas Ahier
1850-1901 Le Rev. M. Wileum Du Heaume MA.
1901-1917 Le Rev. M. Reginald Le Sueur MA.
1917-1934 Le Rev. M. Sorel John Gruchy MA.
1934-1946 Le Rev. M. William George Tabb
1946-1955 Le Rev. M. Lawrence Winston Hibbs
1956-1976 Le Rev. M. Arthur Charles Granger
1976- Le Rev. M. Anthony Keogh

St. Martin

The church of Saint Martin the Old,  the 7th century Bishop of Tours and the same dedication as for Grouville’s church. (A great many churches in Normandy know St. Martin as their Patron.)  The establishment date here is unknown but first heard of in a Charter of 1042 - granted to the Abbey near Coutances.

1195 Robert Le Houhue
1196-1208 Robert Florie
1208-1242 Thomas de Vauville
1242 Thomas de la Hougue
1295 Geoffrey de Carteret 
( later, a Dean )
1299 Thomas de Ausses
1346 Johan de Hamelton
1348 Richard Corbyn
1349 Pierre Malecovenant
1371-1374 William de Gelethorpe
1374 Thomas de Riby
1414 Peter Amnener
1432-1463 Thomas Le Hardy
1494 Jean du Val (Dean)

1495-1500 Pierre Le Penec
1500-1505 Guillaume Nicolson
1505-1508 Thomas Coubray
1509 Nocolas l’Evesque (Dean)
1514-1543 Richard Mabon (Dean)
1550 Clement Gosselin
1550-1553 Chatles Mabson
1553-1565 Jean Poulet (Dean)
1566 Thomas Johanne
1574-1583 Pierre Henry dit Dangy
1587-1628 Helier Faultrart
1629-1645 David Bandinel (Dean)
1645-1660 Pierre d’Assigny
1661-1671 Philippe Le Couteur (Dean)
1672-1706 François Le Couteur
( brother of the Dean )
1708-1717 François Le Couteur
( son of his predecessor )

1717-1765 François Le Couteur
( son and g.son of his predecessors - above )
1765-1775 François Payn (Dean)
1776-1789 François Le Couteur
( nephew of the previous François )
1789-1798 Philippe de la Garde
1799-1818 Charles Le Touzel
1818-1829 George Bertram (vice Dean)
1829-1856 George Balleine
1856-1875 Philippe Guille
1875-1901 Thomas Le Neveu
1901-1917 George Philippe Balleine
1917-1941 Reginald Le Sueur
1941-1946 Canon John Russel-Wilford.
( priest-in-charge )
1947-1959 Edward Cecil Lempriére
1960 William Kilshaw (priest-in-charge)
1960-1961 Ernest William Rendell Gayner
1962-1981 Franklin Osmond Brackley (vice Dean)
1981-1982 Arthur Charles Granger (priest-in-charge)
1982 - Lawrence John Turner

St. Saviour

The parish church was established sometime in the 11th century.  Possibly, because there is stone used in the fabric of a type found at neolithic passage graves,  the site may have been of that nature.

1461-1507 Sire Johan Hue
1508-c.1525 Sire Richard Le Hardy
1530-c.1450 Sire Francoise Nicolle
1540-1548 Sire Guillaume Le Roy
1550-1554 M. Martin Lengeoys (or Langeoys)
1554-c.1567 Sire Guillaume Le Roy.
( 2nd time )
1657-1582 M. Julien Dolbel
1587-1638 M. Nicolas Effard
1638-1689 M. Thomas Poingdestre
1690-1706 M. Philippe Falle, MA. 
( Historian & founder of Jersey Public Library )
1709-1749 M. Jean Rocques
1750-1776 Le Rév. Philippe Le Hardy, MA.
1777-1802 Vén. Hom. Françoise Le Breton, MA. (Dean)
1803-1819 Le Rév. Philippe Le Breton.
   ( youngest son of Dean Françoise Le Breton )
1819-1841 Le Rév. Edouard le Vavasseur dit Durell. MA.
1848-1849 Le Rév. Philippe Filleul, MA.

1850-1875 Vén. Hom. William Corbet Le Breton, MA.
( father of Lillie Langtry )
1876-1895 Le Rév. Charles Marett, MA.
1895-1917 Le Rév. Edouard Luce, MA. (Vice Dean)

1917-1940 The Rev. Canon George Philip Balleine, M.A.
1941-1943 The Rev. Canon Clifford John Cohu.    ( Arrested & deported during C.I. Military Ocupation )
1943-1945 The Rev. Thomas Nicholas Floyd ( Ministre Desservant )
1945-1966 The Rev. John Sydney Norman
1967-1971 The Rev. Canon Thomas Ashworth Goss, M.A.
1971-1984 The Rev. Beverley Warren Coleman
1985-1991 The Rev. Jeffrey Norman Hollis


The parish church of  St.Martin de Grouville.   The church was already established when first mentioned in a charter of Robert, Duke of Normandy  in A.D. 1035 - the charter was confirmed later by his son William, ( William the Conquerer )

1309 Pierre Failaise
1315 Thomas de Mouley
1342 Nicolas Fabre
1342 Jean Chevalier
1343 Johan Russel
1348 Thomas de Oldham
1353 Johan Olyver
1436 Andre Crespel
1490-1505 Jean Dobel
1505-1532 Anthoine Mallet
1533-1541 Thomas de Soulemont
1548-1577 Jacques Chevalier
1577-1580 Mathieu de la Faye
1580-1583 Marin Chrestin dit Bonespoir
1583-1585 Edouard Herault
1585-1587 Mathieu de la Faye
( 2nd time )
1587-1596 Thomas Oliver
1598-1621 Jean Pinel
1623-1645 Elie de la Place
1646-1647 Pierre Payne
1648-1652 Daniel Brevint
1652-1660 Elie de la Place
( 2nd time )
1660-1672 François Le Couteur
1672-1693 Josue Pallot
1693-1733 Jean Lempriere
1733-1784 Charles de la Garde
1784-1787 Jean du Parq
1787-1789 Philippe de la Garde
1789-1808 François Le Couteur
( founder of Jersey Agricultural Society )
1808-1851 Jean Mallet
1851-1885 Abraham Le Sueur
1885-1922 The Rev. Edouard Le Feuvre, B.A. 
( Suspended 1899-1906 )

1922-1952 The Rev. John Hooper Valpy, M.A.
1953-1974 The Rev. Roger Stevens Dabbs
1975-1983 The Rev. Canon Lawrence Winston Hibbs

1983-1944 The Rev. Alastair Terence Godfray Macpherson Hampton

St. Clement

The dedication appears to be Clement, a first century Roman Christian who became the fourth Pope.  Early documents refer to St. Clement de Petravilla    (a stone building ?)   and there are arguably,  traces of early foundations near this parish church in 'the Roman style'.   Evidence of any firm Roman settlement in Jersey is however, remarkable for its absence.  Income from the church is known to have been used by Henry VI in 1440, for endowment of Eton College.

1309. Richard Le Kaunber
1350. Sire Nicoals Lorenir
1377. Dom. Michel Le Lorour (Le Loreur)
1405. Pierre Julian
1468. Sire Johan Le Pipet dit Jambard.
1495-1519 Sire Nicolas Nicolle
1519. Sire Nicolas Noel
1532-c.1542 Sire Thomas Steill (
also seen written -Stell, Steille, Steele, Still.)
1544-c.1550 Sire Pierre Dolbel
1550-c.1553 M. Solar
1554-1559 Sire Pierre Dolbel
( 2nd time )
1562-1565 M. Thomas Bertram
1577-1593 M. Edouard Herault
1595-1614 M. Olivier Gruchy
1614-1623 M. Elie de la Place.
( son of Pierre de la Place. Rector of St. Ouen )
1623-1630 M. Pierre Paris
1631-1634 M. Nathanaël Marie
1635-1643 M. Richard Mollet
1643-1652 M. Josué Pallot
1653-1660 M. Jean Germain Gautier
1660-1672 M. Josué Pallot
( 2nd time )
1673-1687 M. Joseph Pythois
1687-1696 M. Jean Dumaresq
1696-1712 M. Jean Dumesnil-Jambelin
1712-1729 M. Jean Nicolle
1729-1746 M. Thomas Seale
1746-1748 Le Rév. Edouard Bisson
1749-1761 Le Rév. Jean du Pré
1761-1771 Le Rév. Joseph Gabriel Montbran
1772-1777 Le Rév. Fracois Valpey
1777-1787 Le Rév. George Bertram, MA.
1788-1804 Le Rév. Clement Dumaresq, BA.
1804-1822 Le Rév. David Hocquard
1822-1826 Le Rév. François Fauvel
1826-1842 Le Rév. Philippe Aubin, BD.
1842-1876 Le Rév. Charles Marett, MA.
1876-1897 Le Rév. Daniel-Matthieu Lempriere, MA.
1898-1931 Le Rév. Charles Walter Balleine

1932-1947 The Rev. Thomas Henry Labey, M.A.
1947-1957 The Rev. Raymond Sefton Hornby
1958-1961 The Rev. Hugh Waller Langford Sainsbury
1961-1982 The Rev. Cecil Paul Harrison
1983-1997 The Rev. Malcolm Beal