The Jersey Library

Philippe Falle M.A. (1656-1742) founded a reference library, members paid a small subscription to study the volumes at the rooms in (what is now) Library Place, St. Helier. The first appointed Librarian took office in 1748 to continue the enterprise. In 1886, the States of Jersey built on a site of the old "Union Hotel" facing the old market, an edifice to house the States Greffe and a Public Library. This Library became a public LENDING library in 1934. This public lending library is now at larger, purpose-built premises in upper Halkett Place.

The serving Librarians, with date of appointment are:-

Nov. 1748     Jean Baptiste de Châteauneuf

May 1758     Gilles Louis Dupart Doucet

Oct  1758       Jacques Lembor [ or Limbour ]

Jun 1791       Jacques Quesnel

Dec 1821     Jacques Quesnel [ jun ]

Apr 1843      Mrs. Quesnel    [ widow of J. Quesnel jun. ]

Mar 1847      John Vernon Falle

Mar 1864       Eliza Nelson [ widow of J.V. Falle ]

Oct 1867       Clement du Parcq

Apr 1883       James John Hammond

Aug 1893     Francis Breton de Faye

Jan 1900       Alexander John Durell [ Assistant Librarian ]

Sept 1906     Alexander John Durell

Sept 1906    Godfrey Herbert Le Neveu [ Assistant Librarian ]

Feb  1924    Godfrey Herbert Le Neveu

Feb 1924      Joseph William Nash-Brown [ Assistant Librarian ]

Jan  1927     Joseph William Sinel [ Assistant Librarian ]

Aug  1927    Clarence John Piquet [ Assistant Librarian ]

Jan  1934     Arscott Sabine Harvey Dickinson, M.A. F.L.A.

Jul   1950     Raymond Falle, F.R.S.A. [ Assistant Librarian ]

Jul  1959      John Francis Yeates, F.L.A.

Jan  1965     Dorothy Noel Pearce, F.L.A., F.R.S.A.

Jul  1968      John Kenneth Antill, F.L.A.

Apr  1970     Ian Sutherland, A.L.A. [ Assistant Librarian ] then Librarian