Hospital Bienfaiteurs

In 1741, the widow of a St. Aubin merchant,   Marie Bartlett  née Mauger, bequeathed to the island 50,000 livres tournois to build a Poorhouse, with a further endowment for its upkeep. There was considerable dispute by relatives and much legal argument over the Will until 1765 when work started at a site to the west of St. Helier given by the Seigneur of Mélèches, Philippe Bandinel.   The early names on the list below, all friends and supporters of the late Marie Bartlett, made gifts and political pressure for the construction.  The building was then requisitioned as barracks for the army and partially destroyed by a gunpowder explosion in 1783.  Rebuilt, and in keeping with the times, this charitable institution gradually became more involved in treatments for the old and sick. In 1859, a part of the building was destroyed by fire and the following year the foundation stone for the New general Hospital was laid. The premises have had further enlargement to the General Hospital of the States of Jersey, we find today.  Benefactors donations are still recognised.

1750 Philippe Bandinel
1752 Philippe Le Couteur
1753 Messrs J. Lempriere, J. Hamon, Thomas Lempriere
1763 Jacques Pipon
1767 Philippe Lempriere
1768 Jean Herault
1768 Madame La Gestiére
1768 Susanne Raimon
1768 Thomas Lempriere
1768 Gedeon Villeneuve
1774 Carteret Le Geyt
1775 David Durell (Rev.)
1776 Edouard Payn
1777 Thomas Wallis
1788 Jeanne Marett. widow of Thomas Bandinel
1789 Elizabeth Pipon
1791 Anne d'Auvergne
1796 Major Gen. Andrew Gordon. Governor of Jersey
1795 Abraham Poingdestre
1797 Rachel Le Gallais
1798 André Micault (Rev.)
1801 Jacques Cuillet
1828 Charles Robin
1844 James Robin
1847 Jean Le Brocq
1858 Jean Le Couteur (Vicomte)
1861 Jean Cosnard
1869 Abraham Jones Le Cras
1871 George Dumaresq
1883 Albert Schmitt
1885 Isaac Malzard (Capt.)
1886 Edward Wilson Hoppner
1891 Elizabeth A. Bennett (Donated east window in chapel)
1893 Eliza Chevalier
1903 Madame (Widow) Ph. de Gruchy, née C.J. Renouf.
1909 Philippe W. De Quetteville (Rev.)
1908 Jane Stone, (widow of George Aubin)
1911 Clement Moignard
1915 Caroline Helen Bradley
1927 Emmeline Augusta Barreau
1946 Jeanne Marie Nicolle
1947 Mr. J.H. Moore
1947 Mr. I.A. Foard
1948 Mrs. Ann Alice Raynor
1963 Mrs. Nellie Maud Keough
1966 Mrs. Patricia James
1967 Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Roberts
1968 Mr. & Mrs. B.C. Pemberton
1969/70/71  Mr. George Naidoo
et al.  (Recent)