Harbour Masters

Jersey has no natural harbours and before the eighteenth century no safe shelter in all conditions, existed.  The tidal range c.12 metres and the very many reefs in the shallow waters around the island have been both a hindrance to commerce and a safeguard from intruders. (The lack of Roman settlement in Jersey, is usually attributed to this fact.)   An early trading vessel would need to choose fine weather to beach itself as the tide receded in a sandy bay and unload directly to carriers who had come out over the firm sand.  Most shipping trade & commerce was at St. Aubin where a docque & stub pier  was available for small vessels to 'lean-to'.  A  short pier was built (1670/1700) from St. Aubin's Fort to afford some shelter as they settled on the sand.  Other small piers/breakwaters have been built in less suitable bays to assist local fishing boats.    The necessary construction of   harbour facilities between Elizabeth Castle and the town of ST. HELIER has been an ongoing event from c.1800 and continue today - as the Island's chief harbour.

St. Helier
1752 Jean Le Hardy
1756 Jacques Lempriere
1758 Annice Lauren
1772 Jean Luce
1784 Jean Poingdestre
1787 Joshua Mollet
1792 David Mauger
1809 Jean Chevalier
1819 Philippe Dupont
1831 Thomas Lerrier
1843 Jean Chevalier
1861 Peter Briard
1873 James Hamon
1883 William Bichard
1896 Francis John Renouf
1926 Walter Marsh Le Scelleur
1931 Francis George Allix
1940 Harry Richmond
1948 William Furzer
1965 Ronald Taylor
1980 Roy Bullen

St. Aubin
1772 Jean Le Boutillier
1778 Pierre Cabot
1799 Philippe Bichard
1809 Jean Luce
1834 Philippe Hamon
1841 Nicolas Clement
1851 Edward Le Feuvre
1873 Philippe de Ste.Croix
1884 Jean Vautier
1899 Albert Briard
1903 Philip Langlois

1816 Philippe Bertram
1836 James Luce
1855 James Amy
1886 Charles Pallot
1902 George Noel

1845 George Noel
1893 Thomas Philippe Renouf

Early Pilots (west coast)
Philip Renouf
Philip Renouf jun.
Francis George Renouf
Philip Charles Renouf
Edward Renouf
Joshua Marett
Charles Marett
Nicholas De La Rue
George Allix
George Allix  jun.
Francis Allix
Philip Allix
Nicholas Bulcan
Charles Larbalestier
Edward Charles Larbalestier
John Brache
Nicholas Brache
Philippe Robert
Thomas Robert
Jean Syvret
George Marie
Francis Gottrel
Francis Gottrel jun.
John De La Mare
Peter De La Mare
Thomas De La Mare
Daniel Girard
John Sampson
John Brache
Nicholas Brache
John Battam
John Battam jun.
William Battam
Victor Pierre Poisson
Peter Robert
Thomas Robert
John Du Heaume
Phil. Du Heaume jun
Stephen Street
William Keeping
Thomas Mollet

Early Pilots (east coast)
Philip Mollet  jun.
John Blampied jun.
Philippe Marie
Philippe Mauger
James Downer
Philippe du Fresne
Phil. du Fresne Jun.
Philippe Mollet jun
Philippe Payn
John Perchard
Philippe Perchard
Francis Renouf
Thomas Saltee
Philippe Renouf
Abraham Richardson
Thomas Sainthill
Elie Gallichan
Philip Bertram
William Adams
John Jenne
John Edward Perchard
James Chambers

1932 (year) Harbour Pilots
F.G. Allix
Jonathan Winter
H. Le Scelleur
C. De Ste Croix
J.V. Le Grand
F.G. Nicolle
R. Webber
H.J. Richmond

1932 (year) All Round Island Pilots
C.P. Brewer
De B. La Cloche
W.E. Cox
W. Furzer
F. Lawrence
B. Bennett
F. Tocque
J. Girard

1932 (year) Auxiliary Pilots
Ph. C. Renouf
F.B. Renouf
G. Roberts
E. Larbalestier