Greffiers de la Cour Royale

The Seigneurs of feudal fiefs c. 12th century, had their own courts and some early seigneurial court Rolls give evidence of the officials,  Senechal,  Prévôt,  Sergent and Greffier,   all elected from tenants of the Fief.   In modern France the term greffier means a clerk of a court of justice but in Jersey today, the Greffier is found only in the Royal Court.   c. 1930, there is a States Greffier and a Judicial Greffier.

1299 Johan Hubert
1306 Laurens (or Laurence) de Sevenok
1328 Philippe de Brabant (or le Braban)
1379 Nicolas Hubert
1489 Thomas Lempriere
1524 Guillaume Gosselin
1560 Nicolas Gosselein
1562 Francois Sarre
1573 Nicolas Guillaume
1573 Jean Herault
1615 Abraham Herault
1624 Jean Durell
1631 Philippe Le Geyt
1642 Thomas Durell
1644 Helier Hue
1654 Edouard Messervy
1655 Daniel de la Place
1660 Helier Hue
1660 Philippe Le Geyt (jun)
1670 David Bandinel
1676 George Syvret
1694 Josué Pipon
1700 Jean Dumaresq
1730 Jean Pipon
1747 Philippe de Carteret
1767 Philippe de Carteret (son of above)
1786 Philippe de Carteret (son of above)
1795 Jean de Veulle
1812 Francois Godfray 1846 Charles de Ste. Croix
1859 Charles Ahier
1861 Gervaise Le Gros
1876 William Henry Venables Vernon
1880 Walter Bertram Godfray
1889 Humphrey Marett Godfray (son of above)
1892 Ernest Le Sueur

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