Governors of the Island of Jersey

Following the Norman Conquest, the Sovereign would appoint a Warden,  a 'protector' for his Channel Islands   (les Iles Normandes).   In the twelfth century they were termed Gardiens or Seigneurs des Iles and there is little historic record to show exactly the names of these Norman noblemen. Also then, it was to some extent obligatory for a nobleman to make a pilgrimage to the Terre-Sainte ( Palestine) - it was profitable in more ways than one; and this would mean appointed Guardians would be confusingly substituted and sometimes, of very short tenure. - The following group is from research by M. Julien Havet (Paris 1876); H. Marret-Godfrey; J.A. Messervy and others - and carries the caveat that it must not be considered conclusory.

1212-1224 Philippe d’Albini (d'Aubigny ? 1227-1227 Guillaume de Saint-Jean:  1230-1232 Henri de Trubleville:   1232 Philippe d’Albin and Guillaume de Saint-Jean:  1232-1234 Philippe d’Albini (2nd time):  1234-1239 Henri de Trubleville (2nd time):  1235 Gérard de Lambersard; Guillaume de Dampierre and Guillaume Blom:  1235 Drouet de Barentin (Drogo de Barentin ):  1240 Guillaume de Boeles:  1241-1252 Drouet de Barentin (2nd time):   1271-1275 Arnaud Jean:  1275-1294 Othon (Otho ?) de Grandison with lieutenants Raoul de Broughton Philippe Burnel Philippe l’Eveque Guille de Saint-Remi Renaut d’Ashwell Pierre d’Arcis Guillaume de Grandison Henri, Prieur de Wenlock:   1294-1297 Henri de Cobham:  1297 Nicolas de Cheny:   1298-1328 Orthon de Grandison (2nd time) with lieutenants -- Henri, Prieur de Wenlock Denis de Tilbury Jean de Newent Raoul Eudes Jean de Ditton Pierre de Petitfeu Pierre de Balmes Gérard d’Orons:  1328-1331 Jean de Roches, with Pierre Bernard de Pynsole & Laurens de Gaillard:  1334-1337 Guillaume de Montaigu & Henri de Ferriers:   1337-1340 Thomas de Ferriers:  1343-1347 Thomas de Ferriers (2nd time):   1349-1354 Jean Mautravers: 1354-1357 Guillaume Stury:   1376-1393 Hugh Calvilegh: 1393-1396 Jean Golafre:  1396-1415 Edouarde, Duke of York:  1447-1449 Anne de Beauchamps (the current nomenclature - Gouveneur, Lieut G. or Député G.):   1461-1467 Pierre de Brézé, Comte de Maulévrier:   1470-1483 Sir Richard Harleston: 1486 Matthieu Baker & David Philippe:   1488-1494 Matthieu Baker (2nd time):  1497-1501 Thomas Ovray (or Overay):   1503-1531 Sir Hugh Vaughan. with lieutenants Roger Bouton, Thomas Raoul, Richard Castel:  1532-1534 Sir Anthony Ughtred: 1534-1536 Sir Arthur Darcy:  1536-1537 Thomas, Lord Vaux:  1537-1550 Sir Edouard Seymour: 1550-1574 Sir Hugh Paulet   with lieutenants Amice Paulet George Paulet:  1547-1590 Sir Amice Paulet:   1590-1600 Antoine Paulet (son of preceding Gov.):  1600-1603 Sir Walter Raleigh with lieut. George Paulet:  1603-1630 Sir Jean Peyton. with lieutenants George Paulet Jean Peyton , fils Jean. Aaron Messervy Philippe de Carteret Elie de Carteret Josue de Carteret:  1631-1643 Sir Thomas Jermyn. with lieutenants Francis Raynsford Philippe de Carteret Philippe Marett:   1643 The Count of Warwick, Major Leonard Lydcott:  1634-1644 Sir Thomas Jermyn (re-appointment): 1644 Henry Jermyn:  1644-1650 Jacques, Duke of York:   1650-1651 Henry, Lord Jermyn:   1651 Colonel James Heane (or Haynes) [Republican Governor]:  1655 Colonel Robert Gibbon: 1659-1650 Colonel Jean Mason:   1660-1665 Henry Jermyn, Count St. Alban’s:  1665-1679 Sir Thomas Morgan:   1679-1684 Sir Jean Lanier. with lieutenants Sir Herbert Lunsford , Henry Boade: 1684-1689 Thomas, Lord Jermyn, Major Henry Boade (2nd time) Capt. Rowland Watson Capt. Dominick Trant Capt. Jean Sydenham Sir Thomas Windham Sir Bevill Granville: 1690 Edouard Haris Lieutenant Governor:   1691-1695 Garrison Commander - deputy Governor:   1695-1704 Col. Thomas Collier Lt Gov:  1704-1722 General Henry Lumley   (Lts) Col. Thomas Collier Capt. Nicolas de la Noe Capt. George Dumaresq Capt. Luc Spicer Capt. Robert Wilson Col. Henry Berkley Capt. Jean Crosby Jean Broughton (dep. Gov.) Capt. Jean Skyes (dep. Gov.):   1723-1749 Richard, Viscount Cobham . (Lts) Col. Magnus Kempenfelt Col. George Howard Col. William Hargrave Col. Peter Betsweorth Maj.Gen Edmund Fielding Brig.Gen Jean Cavalier Capt. Jean Charlton (dep Gov.) Francis Best Gregory Beake: 1749- Lt. Gen. John Huske ? (Data missing)  1790-1795 Henry Seymour Conway. (Lt) Philippe Falle: 1799 - 1806 George, Le Marquis de Townsend. (Lt) Maj. Gen. Andre Gordon:   1806 General George Don:  1811 Count Chatham. (Lt. Gov.) Maj. Gen. A.M. Gordon:  1831-1851 Rt. Hon. William Carr Beresford. -- ( with Lt. Governors ) 1835 Sir A.Cambell, CB. 1838 Sir E. Gibbs, K.C.B. 1847 Maj.Gen.Sir James H. Reynett 1852 Sir F. Love, CB.

Lord Beresford was the last Governor, - the Office of GOVERNOR was then suspended indefinitely, - hereafter the appointee has the rank  "LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR".

1857 Godfrey C. Mundy
1860 Sir Percy Douglas
1863 Burke Cuppage
1868 Sir Philip Melmoth Guy, CB.
1873 W.S.R. Norcott, CB.
1878 Sir L. Nicholson, CB.
1883 H. Wray, C.M.G.
1887 C.B. Ewart, CB.
1892 E. Markham
1895 Sir E. Hopton, K.C.B.
1900 H.R. Abadie, CB.
1904 H.S. Gough, CB. C.M.G.
1910 Sir A.N. Rochfort, K.C.B., KCVO
1916 Sir Alexander Wilson, KCB
1920 Sir W. Douglas-Smith, KCB
1924 The Hon Sir Francis Bingham, KCB. GCMG.
1929 Maj.Gen. E.H. Willis, CB. CMG. CB.
1934 Maj.Gen. Sir H. de C. Martelli. KBE. CB. DSO.
1939 Maj.Gen. J.M.Harrison, CB. DSO.
1945 Lt.Gen. Sir E. Grasett, KBE
1953 Admiral Sir Gresham Nicholson, KBE. CB. DSO.DSC.
1958 Gen. Sir George Erskine, GCB. KBE. DSO.
1964 Vice Admiral Sir M. Villiers, KCB. OBE.
1969 Air Ch. Marshal Sir John Davis, GBC. OBE.
1974 Gen. Sir Desmond Fitzpatrick, GCB. DSO. MBE.
1979 Gen. Sir Peter Whitely, GCB. OBE.
1985 Admiral Sir William Pillar, GBE. KCB.