There is great uncertainty as to the establishment in Jersey of this office. Documents from the twelfth century refer to Le Bedeau - - this would compare with the mediaeval English beadle, a subordinate officer of Justice.   In Les Rôles des Justiciers itinérants of 1323 the Dénonciateur has the Latin title 'sub-vicecommes'    - resembling  Député-Vicomte.  Dénonciateurs had a role early in the church affairs of the Island similar to that of Beadles in England at the time, with powers to inform on, and give small punishments to petty offenders.            In the sixteenth century the role became a part of the Royal Court and a Dénonciateur would, under the Vicomte (vid.) charge petty offenders in civil matters. In the seventeenth century Jersey had just one officer with this role but a second was appointed due to the multiplicity of functions.   Dénonciateurs were nominated by the Bailiff and would appear before the Royal Court as 'expert' witness and an accuser.  In the early eighteenth century records show it was the Dénonciateur who had the task of posting, in the Royal Square, an Order in Council regarding currency devaluation ---- and was in some fear for his own safety in the riot that immediately broke out.

1525 Janequin Morant
1533 Jean Nyden
1534 Jean Le Porc
c. Lunaire Le Tubelin
1571 Philippe Romeril
1584 Jean Le Geyt  dit Rauvet
1605 Thomas Lempriere
1618 Jean Herault
1633 Isaac Herault
1645 Jean Le Couteur
1655 Thomas Herault  (Republican period)
1658 Aaron Stocall  (sen.)
1660 Isaac Herault  (son of Isaac, above)
1664 Jean Hooper
1666 Elie Pipon
1668 Nicolas De Carteret
1682 Daniel Messervy
1686 Elie Dumaresq
1687 Jean De Carteret
1697 Thomas Poingdestre
1700 Philippe Dumaresq
1707 Jean Gasnier
1712 Philippe Dumaresq
1712 Clement Le Couteur
1720 Richard Dumaresq
1715 Jean Aubin
1734 Pierre Marett
1750 Edouard Ricard
1759 Charles Marett
1764 Nicolas Messervy
1765 Philippe Le vavasseur dit Durell
1771 Charles Marett
1780 Jean Le Boitillier
1781 Philippe Dumaresq
1782 Thoams Gallichan
1785 Hugh Dupont
1791 Philippe Dumaresq
1795 Denis Nöel
1796 Hugh Godfray
1809 Charles de Ste.Croix
1812 Jean Aubin
1812 Hugh Godfray
1848 Pierre-Jean Simon
1848 Jean-William Godfray
1863 Lerrier Godfray
1881 Thomas Dorey
1876 Joshua Alexander Balleine
1914 Peter John Sohier
1925 Alfred. D. Godfrey
The Office of Dénonciateur was replaced by the Sergent de Justice
Josua Alexander Balliene
1930 Edwin Coutanche
1938 Horton V. Benest
Position finally abolished 1964.