Until the twentieth century, seafaring was a major occupation in Jersey.   John Jean's book "Jersey Sailing Ships"  (ISBN 0 85033 464 0) contains a list of Jersey's Sea Captains.   John Jean had also collected from the many ships papers that he had accumulated, a list of seamen - this list was published in the CIFHS Journal No.30.  It is but a very small proportion of the many seamen in Jersey during the nineteenth century. 

NAME;       Date and place of birth;       Rank and the ship(s) name.  

Ahier, John 1846 St Saviour AB. Electra
Alexandre, ? 1828 Jersey OS. Quiz, Eclipse
Allen, Joseph 1851 Canada OS. 85, Paspébiac
Amy, James 1844 Jersey AB. Herald
Amy, John 1828 St Brelade OS. Bolina
Amy, John 1837 Grouville Bosun. Father
Amy, Philip 1822 St Brelade Mate. Bolina
Amy, Philip Winter 1841 Jersey. Obey, Champion
Anthony, Thomas 1828 Jersey Mate. Eclipse, Lively
Arnold, Edward 1835 Jersey 0S
. Mary Ann, Pandora
Asplet, Elias 1834 Jersey Mate
. Vitula, Cygnus
Aubert, Louis 1854 France
. Boy -
Aubin, Francis P. 1852 St Martin OS Shamrock
Aubin, Frederick 1843 Jersey OS Richard
Aubin, Frederick 1849 Jersey AB Reaper, 85
Bailey, Fred J. 1854 Jersey AB Wesley, Canopus
Bailhache, G. 1841 St Ouen Bosun Shamrock, Gem
Baker, Francis l840 Grouville OS Canopus, Markwell
Barret, John 1839 Jersey 2nd Mate Concordia, St Peter
Barry, Michael 1842 Ireland L/shoreman St Peter
Barter, H. 1867 Jersey AB/Mate Alabama
Bates, Frank 1835 Jersey OS/AB Lavinia
Bates, George 1833 Jersey OS Lavinia
Battain, Philip 1826 Jersey OS Eclipse
Baudains, Frank 1831 Jersey Cook/AB Ellen Murray, Father
Baudains, Joseph 1844 St Brieu
c L/shoreman St Peter
Beaugeard, Edward - Jersey Boy Died Rio, 8.1.1878
Benest, Philip 1845 St Helier 2nd Mate Reaper
Bertran, Richard 1831 Jersey 2nd Mate Eliza
Binet, Edward - Jersey Boy Lavinia
Bisson, Charles 1851 Jersey AB Champion
Bisson, Edward 1818 St Peter AB Hermatope, Union
Bisson, George 1840 Jersey Boy Eliza
Bisson, John 1830 St Peter Mate Reaper Bisson, John 1850 Jersey Mate ? 85, Homely
Bisson, Nicolas 1844 Jersey OS Ellen Murray, Francis & Ann
Bisson, Peter 1846 St Peter AB Reaper
Bisson, Phil. Hen. 1863 Jersey Boy Favorite
Bisson, Phil. Le G. 1830 St Mary Bosun Shamrock
Blackmore, Henry 1854 St Helier Cook/OS Shamrock, Canada
Blackmore, James 1847 St
Helier OS Favorite, Shamrock
Blampied, Edward 1865 Jersey OS Lily of Devon
Blampied, frederick 1834 Jersey OS Eclipse, Peirson
Blampied, Philip 1865 Jersey OS Lily of Devon
Bogart, B. 1836 Jersey Mate Wesley
Boudier, Ph. John 1843? Jersey Mate William Fruing, Desdemona
Bougeard, Edward Jersey Boy Died of fever at sea on Vitula, 3.1.1878
Briard, Elias 1839 St Belier OS -
Briard, Francis 1846 Guernsey Carpenter Lily of Devon
Briard, Philip 1838 Jersey Mate Mary Ann
Burke, Thomas 1833 Jersey AB Herald, Danube
Buttery, William 1844 St Lawrence Cook Bolina,
Cabot, francis 1816 Jersey Salter/OS St Peter
Cabot, John 1851 Jersey Carpenter Vitula
Cabot, Thomas 1841 Trinity Cook Boadicea
Caraway, Edward 1835 Jersey OS Pandora, Echo
Carter, John 1850 Jersey AB Champion
Chapman, George 1845 Jersey Cook Stratton, Ellen
Chapon, Peter 1845 France Mate Happy Return, Bud
Chevalier, Geo. Hel. 1852 Jersey AB Champion
Chevalier, Ph. Geo. 1851 Jersey OS Champion
Chevalier, Thomas 1839 Jersey AB Ellen Murray, Father
Chilland, Ben. 1842 Jersey AB Danube, Herald
Churchill, Edward 1851 Jersey Cook Alarm
Collas, P. J. 1844 St Mary Mate Chance
Collings, Philip 1825 Jersey Bosun Lavinia
Cooper, John 1843 France AB -
Couilliard, Abm 1838 St Peter Mate St Anne, Union
Cordon, John 1833 St Clement Cook P. R. C.
Coutanche, John 1843 St Peter OS Swift, Favorite
Cummins, John 1823 Jersey AB Julia
De Carteret, Amice 1837 St Ouen AB Homely, Markwell
de Gruchy, Francis 1836 Jersey OS Lucy, Lavinia
De La Cour, Phil. 1832 St Brelade 2nd Mate P. R. C., Patruus
De La Haye, Chas 1852 Trinity 2nd Mate 85
De La Lande, Thos 1825 Jersey AB Mary Ann
De La Perrelle, Th. 1850 Jersey Bosun Reflect, Desdemona
De Ste Croix, Chain 1833 Jersey Mate Express, St Peter
De Ste Croix, Chain 1859 Jersey OS Favorite, Britannia
De Ste Croix, Dan. 1812 St Brelade AB Velocity, Father
De Ste Croix, John 1856 Jersey AB Vitula
Dobson, William 1844 Jersey Sailmaker Reflect, Desdemona
Dorey, John 1832 Jersey Mate Francis & Ann
Doucegau, Fr. Jn 1840 Trinity OS Reaper, Belladonna
Drew, George 1835 Newfound’ AB True B
lue, Father
Duchemin, Valentin 1847 France AB 85
Drouin, John 1844 Jersey OS Richard
Du Fresne, P. J. 1848 Jersey Mate Flying Foam
Dumaresq, Thos 1858 Jersey AB Ostrich, Father
Dumaresq, Thos 1842 St
Helier OS Loyal, Favorite
Dumaresq, W. P. 1841 Jersey OS Ideal, St Peter
Dupré George 1853 Trinity OS Amelia, Warrior
Duval, George 1845 Jersey Sailmaker Reflect, Desdemona
Ennis, A. P. 1856 St
Helier Boy Velocity, 85 Filleul, Charles 1835 Jersey OS Lavinia
Gallichan, Thomas 1845 Jersey AB Wesley
Gallie, George 1851 Jersey AB Loyal, Champion
Gannion, John 1810 Jersey Cook St Peter
Gardner, John H. 1860 Jersey Boy -
Gaudin, George 1822 St Helier Mate Markwell
Gaudin, Philip 1821 Grouville AB Dit-on, P.R.C.
Geoffry, Francis 1839 St
Helier Cook -
Germain, Fred. Ch. 1842 Jersey Mate Jane, Grecian
Girard, William 1843 Gaspé OS Warrior
Godfray, Wm Ch. 1843 St Martin Carpenter Nox
Guillaume, Geo. 1838 St Peter AB -
Hacquoil, Geo. 1845 St Ouen AB Bolina
Hacquoil, John 1821 St Ouen AB P.R.C.
Haley, William 1832 Jersey Bosun Danube, Herald
Hammond, Geo. 1842 Jersey AB Stratton
Hamon, Charles 1827 Jersey Mate Lively, Herald
Henstridge, Ch. 1837 Torquay L/shoreman St Peter
Hocquard, Chas 1840 Trinity AB Deese, Union
Hocquard, John 1839 Jersey Mate Father, Prince
Hodge, Henry 1839 Plymouth AB Father, Masonic
Horman, Francis 1830 Jersey Mate Julia
How, Charles 1849 St
Helier Cook Ideal, Favourite
Huard, Charles 1827 St Brelade 2nd Mate Bolina
Huard, Chain P. 1850 Jersey Boy Bradore, Desdemona
Huard, William 1848 Jersey OS Hundredth
Hubert, Charles 1834 St Ouen AB P.R.C.
Hubert, George 1840 St Helier Steward Desdemona
Huelin, Francis 1851 St
Helier OS Waverley, Desdemona
Hurley, John 1858 Jersey OS Vitula
Isabel, Francois 1842 Portbail OS St Peter
Ireland, Henry 1847 St Helier AB Pride, Desdemona
Jaffray, John 1834 Jersey Cook Eliza (Drowned,Waterford, 1857)
Jasper, Edwin 1847 Jersey OS Industry, Stratton
Jelot, Peter 1826 St
Helier AB Desdemona
Johnson, John 1820 Jersey Mate Eliza
Jones,Charles 1847 St Peter Sailmaker Oliver Blanchard, Desdemona
Jones, William 1854 Jersey Boy Brothers, Warrior
Journeaux, Fm 1858 St Peter 2nd Mate Union
Journeaux, Jean 1851 St Helier OS Shamrock,Pandora
Journeaux, Thos F. 1831 Jersey Mate Annie, Harvest Man
Kearley, Peter 1836 St.Peter Cook Reaper, Standard
Keed, William 1845 St Helier AB Favourite, Zouave
Keeping,William 1831 Jersey Pilot Lively, Herald
Kessel, William 1855 Alderney OS Favourite, Eliza
King, Thomas 1836 Jersey Mate Desdemona
Laneau, John 1847 Jersey OS Reinzi, Jane
Langlois,Walter 1856 St Ouen OS/Cook Favourite
Larbalestier, Ch. 1859 Jersey AB St Peter
Laverty,John 1855 St Clement Cook 85, Union
Lillicrap, John 1851 Gaspé Cook Warrior
Luce, Francis 1848 St Ouen AB Desdemona, Electric, Flash
Luce, John 1833 Jersey Carpenter Lavinia
Lyon, Edward 1842 Jersey Sailmaker Stratton
Le Blancq, Peter 1831 Jersey Cook Nameless,Julia
Le Boeuf, Jan V. 1857 Jersey Boy Hundredth
Le Boutillier, Jn 1857 Jersey OS Kite
Le Breton, Fred. 1852 Jersey AB 85
Le Breton, Coo. 1820 Jersey OS Alice Jane, Favourite
Le Breton, John 1846? Jersey Sailmaker Gemini
Le Breton, Thos - Jersey Boy Electra
Le Breton,Wm 1853 Jersey OS Queen of the Isles, Vitula
Le Brocq, Edward 1840 St Brelade Boy Sarah,Julia
Le Brocq, Geo. 1850 St Ouen OS Bolina
Le Brocq, Joseph 1840 Jersey AB Danube, Vitula
Le Brocq, Philip 1835 St Ouen AB Markwell
Le Brun, Philip 1853 Jersey OS Jane
Le Capelain, Sam 1849 Jersey ? Oliver Blanchard, Champion
Le Clecq, Thos 1857 Jersey AB Eliza
Le Cocq, Chain 1877 Jersey Cook Alabama
Le Cocq, Louis 1840 Portrieux OS Eugenie, Eclipse
Le Cornu,Chas 1841 St Brelade Carpenter Union
Le Cornu, Chas 1847 Jersey OS Aura, Harvest Man
Le Cornu, Frs 1842 St Coon AB Wesley, Larch
Le Couteur, Adol. 1852 St Belier Boy Reaper
Le Couteur, Chain 1849 St Peter AB Bolina
Le Couteur, Edw. 1838 Jersey AB Mary Ann
Le Couteur, Ed.Geo. 1846 St Peter Boy Union
Le Couteur, Frs 1841 St Ouen Bosun/Mate Francis & Ann, Stratton, Electra
Le Couteur, Geo. W. 1842 Jersey AB Lily of Devon
Le Couteur,James 1843 Jersey Cook/OS Francis & Ann
Le Couteur, Thos 1856 St Ouen AB Favourite,Eclipse, Markwell, Eliza, Lavinia
Le Feuvre, Abrm 1855 St Holier Cook/OS Vitula, Lilian
Le Feuvre, Frs 1847 Jersey Carpenter Chance
Le Feuvre, John 1837 Jersey Carpenter Eliza,Corbiere
Le Feuvre, Matt. 1859 Jersey AB Tickler, Francis & Ann
Le Feuvre, Philip 1829 Jersey 2nd Mate Seaflower, Reaper
Le Feuvre, Philip 1844 Jersey OS Stratton, Windsor
Le Gresley, Alf. 1850 Jersey OS Chance, Guillemot
Le Gresley, Frs 1842 St Ouen OS Homely,Markwell
Le Gresley, John 1832 Jersey Mate Lavinia
Le Gresley, Phil. 1839 St Ouen Mate Sharston, Vitula
Le Heron, Alfred 1848 Jersey AS Spy, Champion
Le Maistre, Edward 1852 Jersey OS Shamrock
Le Maistre, Ph. H. 1855 Jersey OS Favourite, Loyal
Le Masurier, Chas 1847 Jersey Cook/AS Bridemaid, Pride
Le Masurier, Phil. 1856 Jersey Bosun Vitula
Le Masurier, Thos 1841 Jersey AS Stratton, Young Louisa
Le Masurier, Thos 1840 Jersey AB Wesley, Flying Dutchman
Le Mottée, Clar. J. 1865 Jersey Boy Lily of Devon
Le Mottée, Frs 1863? Jersey AS Lily of Devon
Le Quesne, Phil. 1826 Jersey Bosun Lavinia
Le Riche, Philip 1844 Jersey OS Wesley, Eclipse
Le Roy, George 1851 St Brelade AS Desdemona, Nagasaki
Le Roy, Philip 1843 St Brelade AS Bolina
Le Sauteur, Henry 1811 Jersey Mate Guide
Le Seelleur, Chas 1850 St Helier Boy/OS Shamrock
Le Seelleur, P. 1872 Jersey AS Alabama
Le Sueur, Elias 1841 Jersey OS Mary Ann
Le Tourneur, John 1841 Jersey Mate Vitula, Seabird
Le Touzé, J. 1851 Grouville OS Desdemona
Malzard, Alfred 1846 St Helier OS Alliance,Favourite
Marett, Charles 1845 Jersey Mate Wesley
Marie, Elias 1846 St Helier OS Bride,Favourite
Marie, Philip 1802 Jersey OS Lily of the Valley, Eclipse
Mauger, John 1847 St Ouen Cook Bolina
Mauger, Philip 1842 St Ouen AS Desdemona
Mauger, Philip 1844 Jersey AS Canada, Harvestman
Mauger, - 1851 Trinity Boy Geffrard
Mauvieles ? Thös 1831 St Helier OS Happy Return, Reaper
McDonald, Winter 1831 Jersey Carpenter Violet, Francis & Ann
Miller, William 1847 St Helier Cook Favourite
Moignard, Jn Ed. 1847 St Helier Carpenter Desdetnona
Mollet, Ph. Wm 1852 Trinity Carpenter 85
Morel, John 1812 Jersey AS Julia
Moss, John Geo. 1852 Trinity Boy Geffrard
Murphy, Michael 1854 St Helier OS Favourite, Sibyl
Neel, Chas Edw. 1856 Jersey Boy Champion
Nicolle, Jn Win. 1850 Jersey Boy Geffrard
Noble, Nicolas. 1855 Jersey OS Honour, Hundredth
Noel, Charles 1866 Jersey AS Zephyr, Alabama
Noel, Edward J. 1841 Jersey AS St Peter
Nolais, Matthew 1844 Jersey Mate Esther
Norman, Albert W. 1849 Jersey Carpenter Harvest Man
Norman, George 1844 St Ouen AS Ocean
Ollivier, Deniel 1824 Guernsey Bosun Lily of Devon
Orvis, William 1839 Jersey Mate Maggie, Geffrard
Pallot, Deslandes 1848 At sea Boy Gemini (became a Master)
Payn, Jn Bosdet 1841 Jersey AS Canada, Harvest Man
Pepin, Philip 1839 Jersey Boy Eliza
Perchard, John 1858 Jersey OS Vitula
Picardy, Peter 1839 Jersey AB Geffrard, Lord Collingwood
Picot, John 1833 Jersey Mate St Peter
Pinel, John 1844 Jersey Mate Offor, Pride
Pirouet, John 1818 Jersey Passenger Pandora
Pitman, Charles 1820 Dorset Mate Alliance, Favourite
Piton, John 1810 Jersey Mate 85, Seaflower
Pluck, James 1835 Jersey Carpenter Lavinia
Poignard, John 1849 Jersey OS Evelyn, Warrior
Poisson, John 1836 Jersey AB Canopus, Wesley
Quesnel, Francis 1852 St Helier AB Desdemona
Raitto, Anthoine 1830 Gaspé AB Warrior
Raymond, John - St Helier AB Desdemona, John Milton
Rearden, John 1829 Jersey Cook/AB Bridemaid, Pride
Remon,John 1848 St John Carpenter Desdemona
Renouf, Elias Ch. 1837 St Peter Bosun Markwell
Renouf, F. 1853 St John - William Fruing, Desdemona
Renouf, Nicolas 1804 Jersey Bosun Mary Ann
Renouf, Th. Nelson 1843 Jersey Boy Eliza
Richard, John 1821 Portrieux OS Eclipse, Tom & Mary
Richardson, Clan. 1851 St Peter Mate Reaper, 85
Rive, George 1842 Jersey AB Desdemona, John Milton
Rive, Matthew 1837 St Helier Carpenter Markvell
Rive, Philip 1841 St Peter OS Quiz, Union
Rive, William 1855 Jersey OS Zeal, Hundredth
Robin, Peter 1843 Jersey L/shoreman St Peter
Robin, Peter 1851 St Lawrence AB Desdemona
Roger, George 1857 Jersey OS Vitula, Canopus
Rogers, John 1851 Jersey Boy Geffrard
Rogery, Charles 1823 Guernsey Cook Esther
Romeril, John 1851 St John 2nd Mate William Fruing, Desdemona
Romeril, John 1846 Jersey AB Stratton, Harvestman
Rondel, John 1848 Jersey Sailmaker Jane
Rondel, Philip 1842 Jersey OS Esther
St George, Thos 1811 Jersey OS Lavinia, Eclipse
Sharp, T. 1854 Jersey Cook Vitula, Hundredth
Shepherd, William 1855 Jersey OS 85
Sheval,Henry 1840 Guernsey AB Gemini
Simon, Joseph 1843 St Helier Cook Desdemona
Skelton, Philip 1850 Jersey Cook Orlando, Warrior
Smith, Alfred 1855 St Helier OS/Cook Shamrock
Square, E.N. G. 1824 Jersey Bosun Hundredth
Steen, Horatio 1845 Jersey OS St Peter
Stephens, William 1855 St Helier Boy 85
Syvret, John 1841 St Ouen Os Quiz, Markwell
Tocque, Frederic 1852 Jersey OS Champion
Torode, John 1812 Guernsey AB Dreadnought, Desdemona
Tourtel, George 1847 Guernsey AB Bertha Carrington, Desdemona
Touzel, Helier 1845 Jersey Carpenter Gemini
Tucker, Henry 1848? St Helier OS Wesley, Orange, Blossom, Electra
Turner, James 1838 St Helier AB Amazon, Esther, Jane, Ocean Queen
Velcoury, Charles 1843 St Malo OS St Peter
Vibert, Charles 1840 Jersey AB C. T. Sutton, St Peter
Vibert, Edward 1850 Jersey Boy Guillimo, Harvest Man
Vibert, George 1842 Jersey OS Julia
Vibert, Philip 1844 Jersey Mate Champion, Eliza Maria
Vibert, Thomas 1843 Jersey AB T.G.V., Jane
Viel, John 1842 Ireland L/shoreman St Peter
Viel, Michael 1837 Ireland L/shoreman St Peter
Vincent, Adolp. 1841 Jersey Mate Gemini
Warne, John 1849 Jersey Bosun Vitula
Wilkinson, Wn 1849 St Brelade OS Flying Foam, Bolina
Wittel, David Ph. 1815 St Helier Mate Esther, St Saviour
Young, Edmund 1841 Jersey Bosun Alert, Stratton