Merchant Navy. 1914-1918 war.

The list below is from the "Island of Jersey, Roll of Honour and Service".... a 'roll' published by the States of Jersey in 1919 to commemorate all who had served in the 'Great War'. 
These Jerseymen were civilians, operating ships used in the general war effort.

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then, if added: ) Rank  /  Ship  /   Casualty

ABRAHAM, John P.   A.B.  s.s. “Vauban”.
ALLIX, Francis George.
AHIER, Francis.  2nd Officer.
AMOURETTE, Aristide.
AMY, Garnet.  Mate.  Ketch” Louise Ernest”.
AMY, John Peter.
AUBIN, John Richard.  Captain.  s.s. “Grenadier”. Killed, February 21st, 1917.
AYLING, Alfred W.
BALLEINE, Archibald. Captain H.M.T. “ Glamorgan  ( 1917. Commended for Meritorious Service
                                                                              Torpedoed, saved April 24,1917. )
BALLEINE, Adolphus D.  1st Officer.  H.M.T. “Penhale”.   Torpedoed, saved: May 24,1917.
BATTRICK; Percy.  A.B.  s.s. “Normandy”.  Killed, January 25, 1918.
BAXTER, William.
BEAUCHAMP, Walter Charles.  A.B.  s.s. “Victoria”.
BENEST, Edmund Van.
BENNETT, Benjamin.
BEUZEVAL, Charles.  Cook.  s.s. “Pembroke”
BIARD, Ernest John.
BISSON, Albert George.
BISSON, Clarence Stanley.
BLAKE, William Henry.  Mate.  s.s. “Bertha”
BLIAULT, Charles.  Captain.  s.s. “ Atherstone”
BOND, Wilfred Anderson.
BRAILEY, Herbert Frank.
BRISSET, Alfred F.
BRISSET, Charles.
BRISSET, William.
BRISSET, Philip James.
BUESNEL, George Cecil.  Engineer.  s.s. “Mongolia”.  Torpedoed, saved: June 23, 917.
BUHOT, Peter.  A.B.  Ketch “Alabama”.  Wrecked, saved: March l2,1917
CARRE, Thomas Philip.  Chief Steward.  s.s. “Zent”.  Torpedoed, saved: Apr 5, 1916, & Jun 22, 1917.
CARREAU, Frank John.
CARTER, Clarence.
CAVEY, Sydney John.
CHAPMAN, Samuel.  Fireman.  s.s. “Ibex”
COLLINS, Vernon Basset.
COOK, John.
CooMBs, Reginald George.
Copp, Charles Edward.
CRAWFORD, Edward Ward.  Chief Engineer.  H.M.T. “Peshawur”.   Torpedoed, saved: Oct.9, 1917
CUMMINGS, John William.
DE STE. CROIX, Harold Philip.  Purser.  s.s. “Egypt”.  Torpedoed, saved: 19.2.1915: Killed, 24.4.1919
D’AUBERT, Adolphus John.
DEANS, Sidney Carswell.
DE CAEN, Edward Charles.
DR CARTERET, Alfred Thos.  A.B.  s.s. “Ibex”.
DR GRUCHY, Charles W.
DR GRUCHY, Philip George.  1st Officer.  s.s. “Clan Macgillivray”
DELACOUR, Claude.  1st Officer.  H.M.T. “Lydia”
DELACOUR, Harold. 1st Officer.  H.M.T. “ Rathlin Head “.  Torpedoed, saved: June.1918
DE LA MARE, Arthur.
DE LA MARE, E.  A.B.  Schooner “Adelaide”
DE LA MARE, William.  Mate.  Ketch “ Alabama “.  Wrecked, saved 12.3.1917
DU JARDIN, Alfred George.  A.B.
DU PRE, Clarence Thomas.
DEVEAU, George Francis.
ENDICOTT, Joseph George.
FAGAN, Emile.
FAUDEL, Albert.
FAUVEL, George Clement.
FIELDING, William C.  A.B.  s.s. “ South-Western “.  Killed, 16.3.1918.
FLEURY, John Albert.  Fireman.  s.s. “Ibex”
FUDGE, William.
GALLICHAN, Thomas.  Captain.  s.s. “Yarra”
GALLICHAN, Wilfred Sidney.
GALLIE, Edward Herbert.  s.s. “Bertha”
GALLIE, William A.
GAUTIER, Maurice Louis.  Engineer.  H.M.T. “Ganges”
GAUTIER, William.  Captain.  s.s. “ Achlibster
GAVEY, Charles Redvers.
GIBBINS, Walter Henry.
GIONTA, Alfred Philip.
GLENDEWAR, James.  A.B.  s.s. “Memtasa”
GOODE, William Bramwell.  A.B.  s.s. “Azul “.  Killed, 6.2.1917.
GOUBERT, Sidney John.
GRANT, Harry.  A.B.  s.s. “Ibex”
GRANT, Sidney Joseph.
GRENELLE, Alfred John.
GRIMSHAW, William Edward.  s.s. “ Victoria"
GRUBER, George Antoine.  A.B.  s.s. “Ashanti”
HAMON, Amice Philip.  A.B.  s.s. “Ibex”
HAMON, Edouard.  3rd Engineer.  s.s. “Zero”
HAMON, James.  s.s. “Vera”
HAMON, John de Gruchy.  Quartermaster.  s.s. “Ibex”
HARMS, Fred Duilio. Captain. s.s. “ Victoria
HARRIS, Andrew.
HARRIS, George B.  Captain.  s.s. “Netherpark”.  Japanese Silver Medal. Emile Robin Medal.
HARRIS, Sydney Charles.
HAYWOOD, Thomas Harold.
HELIER, Waugh Wallace.  Steward.  s.s. “Normandy”.  Killed, 25.1.1918.
HILL, John Philip.  Steward.  s.s. “Ibex”
HOBBS, Reginald.  Cook.  s.s. “Normandy”.  Torpedoed, saved: Jan. 25.1.1918.
HOLMES, Alfred Henry.  Seaman Gunner.  s.s. “Antiope”. Torpedoed, saved: 3.6.1918.
HOLMES, George.
HOTTON, Henry Summers.  2nd Officer.  s.s. “Ardgartan”.  Killed, 14.4.1919.
HURT, John.  A.B.  Sch. “Lady St. John”
INGRAM, John Henry.
JEANDRON, George Albert.
JEUNE, F. H.  1st Officer.  H.M.T. “Kauchow”
JEUNE, George John.  Ketch “Martin”.  Killed, December 1918.
JEUNE, John.  A.B.  Ketch “Louise Ernest”
JOHNSON, Arthur Brook.
JONES, Walter Mauger.  Captain.  s.s. “Melrose Abbey”
KELLEY, Edward Thomas.
KENT, Frederick E.  Steward.  s.s. “Ibex”
KENT, George Robert.
KENT, James William.  Fireman.  s.s. “Ibex”
KING, Charles George.
KING, Thomas James.
KLEIN, Louis Peter.
KNUTT, James.
LABEY, Philip Amy.  2nd Officer.  s.s. “Bayhowel”
LABEY, Thomas Filleul.  3rd Officer.  s.s. “Bloemfontein”
LANE, Harry.  Steward.  H.M.T. “War Rajput”.  Torpedoed, saved: 1.10.1918.
LANGDON, Charles Hamon.  Captain.  s.s. “Ibex”
LARBALESTIER, Alfred.  A.B.  H.M.T. “Archimedes”
LARBALESTIER, Charles P.  A.B.  H.M.T. “Warilda”.  Torpedoed, saved: 3.3.1918.
LARBALESTIER, Owen Peter.  A.B.  s.s.” Normannia”
LARBALESTIER, William. A.B. H.M.Hosp. S. “ Formosa’
LAURENS, Alfred Thos.
LE BAS, Reginald Ernest.  2nd Engineer. s.s. “Hantonia”
LE BER, Reginald James.
LE BRETON, Cecil Bernard.
LE BaRTON, Harold Francis.
LE BRETON, Kenneth Charles.  2nd Officer.  s.s. “Palmcotta”
LE BRETON, William Thos.
LE BROCQ, Clarence.  1st Officer.  H.M.T. “Briton”
LE BROCQ, John George.  Captain.  s.s. “Upada”
LE CLERCQ, George Philip.
LE CLERCQ, Sydney.
LE COCQ, T.  Mate.  Sch. “Lady St. John”
LE CRAS, John James.
LEDWICK, James Cowan.
LEDWICK, James Wm.
LE FEUVRE, Francis.  2nd Officer.
LE FEUVRE, Joseph.
LE MAISTRE, Snowdon C.
LE MASURIER, Charles F.  Fireman.  s.s. “Ibex”
LE MASURIER, John.  2nd Officer.  Killed, December 1st 1914.
LE MOIGNAN, Alfred Philip.
LE MONNIER, William.  A.B.  s.s. “Don Benito”
LE QUESNE, Alfred.
LE QUESNE, Arthur Wm.  Steward.  H.M.T. “Lydia”
LE RICER, Charles James.
LE SEELLEUR, Frank Henry .  Steward.  s.s. “Ibex”
LE SUEUR, Reginald.  A.B.  H.M.M.-S. “Tralee”
LONG, Philip John.  Fireman.  s.s. “Ibex”
LUCAS, Henry.
LUCE, John William.
MARY, William John.
MAKIN, George Thomas.
MALORET, John Eugene.
MARCUS, John Philip.  Steward.  s.s. “Lucilene”.  Killed, March 13th 1917.
MARETT, Francis.
MARETT, Lionel Ernest.  3rd Officer.  s.s. “Bristol City”.   Killed, December 16th 1917.
MARETT, Walter.
MARIE, Percy.
MARS0uIN, Pierre Marie.
MARTEL, Eliac Fredk..
MISSON, P. F.  Captain .  Sch. “Lady St. John”
MONAMY, Philip Charles.
MORRISSEY, Michael John.
MOYSAN, Joseph.
NEWMAN, Edward Charles.  A.B.   s.s. “Ibex”
NICOLLE, Howard Vaughan.
NICOLLE, John Alfred.  A.B.  Ketch “Louise Ernest”
NOEL, David.  Captain.  s.s. “Philotis”.  Torpedoed, saved.
NOEL, George du Fresne.  H.M. H.S.” Aquitania”
NOEL, Raymond Laidley.  A.B.  s.s. “Ibex”
NORMAN, William Charles.  s.s. “Pembroke”
PALMER, Edward Alexandre.
PATTEN, Louis Ronald.
PERCHARD, Arthur George.
PERCHARD, John.  2nd Officer. s.s. “Silvertown”
PERCHARD, Rodney George.  1st Officer.  s.s. “Denbighshire”
PETIT, John Adolphus.
PICHON, Eugene Alfred.
PIQUET, John Amy.
PIQUET, John Philip.
PITMAN, Isaac William.
PITMAN, Reginald Richard.  2nd Officer.  s.s. “Ibex”
PITMAN, William George.
QUEREE, Wilfred John. Captain. s.c. “Scapha”
QUEREE, Adolphus John.  Captain.  Ketch “Louise Ernest”
QUEREE, Philip.  Fireman.  s.s. “Ibex”
QUIR0T, Thomas.
RAFFRAY, J. F.  2nd Engineer.  s.s. “Psyche”
RAFFRAY, Herbert L.  Chief Engineer.  s.s. “Echunga”.  Killed, September 5th 1918.
RAYMOND, James George.
RENARD, Thomas.
REEVES, Edgar Harold.
RENAULT, John Peter.
RENOUF, William White.  4th Officer.  s.s. “Port Elliot”
RICHARDS, Charles.
RICHARDSON, Leyghton T.  Captain.  H.M.Hosp. S.” St.David”
RICHMOND, Edward John.
RICHMOND, Henry James.
RITS0N, Edwin.  Captain.  s.s. “Queen Mary”
ROMERIL, Percy Adolphus.
RUMSEY, Reginald.
RYAN, William Charles.
SADLER, Arthur Rubin.  A.B.  s.s. “Veto”.  Died at Sea.
SHALE5, Archibald.
SHEPHERD, Glyn.  Wireless Officer. s.s. “Clan Macrae”
SHORT, George Ackland.
STARCK, Philip.
STARCK, C. E.  Captain.  s.s. “Athenic”
STRUDWICK, Winter George.
SYVRET, Edward John.  2nd Officer.  s.s. “Port Augusta”
SYVRET, Thomas William.
THERMEL, John Francis.  1st Officer.  s.s. “Red Cap”.  Torpedoed, saved: 24t.1. 1918
TOCQUE, George.
TOUZEL, George.  Captain.  s.s. “Tirydail”
TOUZEL, George James.  A.B.  s.s. “Huntsend”.  Died, April 24th, 1919.
TOUZEL, Philip Alfred.
TRISCOTT, Constantine Joseph.  3rd Officer.  s.s. “Kashgar”
TURNER, Clive.  2nd Officer.  s.s. “Pembroke”
TURNER, John Bolton.
TURNER, Victor.  A.B.  Sch. “Lady St.-John”
VINCENT, Alfred.  Captain.  s.s. “Greenland”.  Torpedoed, saved : Feb. 1917.
WAKELEY, Albert Charles. Fireman.  s.s. “Ibex”
WARREN, Alfred James.  Fireman.  s.s. “Ibex”
WATERS, George.
WEBB, James.
WHITE, George Walter.  A.B.   s.s. “ Tees”
WHITE, Henry Edward.
WHITE, Henry Edmund.  A.B.  s.s. “Hunsgate”.
WILSON, Henry Charles.  s.s. “Vera”
WILSON, Samuel George.