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The History Section

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday December 12th 2006 at 5.15pm, Members' Room

Members present:

Frank Falle (chairman), Jean Arthur, Marie-Louise Backhurst, Don & Jean Bell, Mary Billot (Secretary), Mervyn Billot, Bertram Brée, Francis & Anne Corbet, Guy Dixon, Sue Groves, Nicolas Jouault, Peter King, George Langlois, Suzanne Le Feuvre, David Le Maistre, Georgia Le Maistre, Bob Le Sueur, Mike Lees, Elinor McFadden, Ian Machin, Alec Podger, Doreen Schofield-Fost, Danny White.

1. Apologies for absence

Yvonne Aston, Gerry France, Mary Gibb, Sue Hardy, Sally Knight, David Levitt, Pat Maindonald, David Woodall.

2. Minutes of the meeting of November 21st 2006 and amendments

7.8 ...immediately before the Jersey Banking Co. collapse.

3. Matters arising from the minutes not covered by the agenda

7.8 Bob Le Sueur said that the Capital & Counties Bank moved into the same building as the Jersey Banking Co. (now Lloyds Bank); it was solvent.

4. Chairman's communications

4.1 Frank Falle confirmed that both he and Mary Billot were willing to stand again at the 2007 AGM, but emphasised other nominations would be welcome. He invited Alec Podger to stand in as Chairman for the elections to which Alec agreed. Georgia Le Maistre will be substitute if necessary.

4.2 He reported on the topics for the 2007 series of the Autumn heritage lunch time lectures. They are :

  • * Mary Gibb on nourrices
  • * Marie-Louise Backhurst on mapping St Aubin
  • * Guy Dixon on banking collapses in the 1880s
  • * Suzanne Le Feuvre on Jersey cattle
  • * Frank Falle on whether there were trentaines in the parish system
4.3 Frank is organising other Heritage talks and walks for the SJ under the aegis of the History Section. Bob Le Sueur offered to speak at an evening talk as he has subjects to hand. An evening devoted to local silver is being planned for later in 2007 with Senator Cohen. Frank is planning three summer walks - Fort Regent (with Antony Gibb), 1787 St Helier; vraic tracks. There was some discussion as to whether Sunday afternoon talks were viable but evening talks seemed more popular. The Spring 2007 newsletter will include a full listing.

Alec Podger asked whether the SJ Executive had been consulted. Nick Jouault said that he had chaired a meeting about events. Evening meetings have lapsed as no-one has volunteered to replace Deirdre Shute as chair of the Members' Meeting Committee.

4.4 Mary Billot said that she had received a letter from Go France on December 7th asking for the deposit of £1670 by December 22nd 2006 for the Quimper tour. Frank Falle has negotiated that the date is now January 20th 2007. Mary asked that the deposit of £60.00 per person be sent to Mary Gibb as soon as possible. She asked people not to postdate cheques. Those who went to Dinan in 2001 will remember Prof. Michael Jones and Dr Elizabeth Jones who will be joining the group.

4.5 David Le Maistre said that the beach level at Grève d'Azette has dropped by 5/6 feet thereby exposing the Victoria Baths cisterns on the beach. The cisterns collected seawater from where it was pumped before being heated at the baths. Only one is exposed at present showing a wooden casing with a round brick well top.

4.6 Frank Falle summed up a very successful year for the History Section in 2006. He thanked in particular Mary Billot, Georgia Le Maistre, Elinor McFadden, Pat Maindonald and Wendy Tipping for their support.

4.7 A get well card for Pat Maindonald was circulated for members to sign, wishing her well after her heart operation.

5. The Section's Normandy tour September 2006

5.1 Frank Falle thanked Bertram Brée for organising another successful and enjoyable tour of Normandy before showing slides on the digital projector. Other participants of the tour joined members and stayed for the Christmas refreshments.

6. Date of next meeting

Tuesday January 16th 2007 at 5.15 p.m. in the Members' Room if available; otherwise in the Arthur Mourant Room. This is the Annual General Meeting of the Section, at which Sarah Jordan will take the minutes.

Monthly meetings 2007

TUESDAYS (third Tuesday in the month) starting at 5.15 pm

Members' Room if available; otherwise in the Arthur Mourant Room (3rd floor)

  • January 16 : Annual General Meeting of Section
  • February 20
  • March 20
  • April 17
  • May 15
  • June 19
  • July 17
  • August 21
  • September 18
  • October 16
  • November 20
  • December 11 : Christmas meeting in the Members' Room
Heritage lunch time lectures 2007

WEDNESDAYS 1.15 - 1.45 pm followed by questions

In the Members' Room

  • October 17
  • October 24
  • October 31
  • November 7
  • November 14