Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday December 13th 2005 at 5.15pm, Members’ Room



Members present :

Frank Falle (Chairman), Marie-Louise Backhurst, Don & Jean Bell, Mary Billot (Secretary), Mervyn Billot, Bertram Brée, Francis & Anne Corbet, Jill & Mike Cotter, Guy Dixon, Roy Dobin, Caroline Easterbrook, Nicolas Jouault, George Langlois, Frank Le Blancq, Suzanne Le Feuvre, David Le Maistre, Georgia Le Maistre, Bob Le Sueur, Mike Lees, Pat Maindonald, Elinor McFadden, Ian Machin, Rosemary Millow, Will Millow, Alec Podger, Wendy Tipping,




1.         Apologies for absence :

Yvonne Aston, Gerry France, Sue Groves, Sue Hardy, Douglas Hooke, Tertius Hutt, Geraint Jennings, Sarah Jordan, Sally Knight, David Levitt.



2.         Minutes of the meeting of November 15th 2005 and amendments

There were no amendments. The minutes were approved as a correct record.



3.         Matters arising from the minutes not covered by the agenda

5.4        Mike Lees said that Roy Dobin needed to see a copy of the Elizabeth Castle conservation plan. Only two copies are circulating, though three are needed for the nine people who wish to study it. Roger Hills wants comments by the end of December 2005.

            Frank Falle said that Roger wants comments on the draft conservation statements on La Crête Fort, Archirondel Tower, Seymour Tower, La Tour Carrée and Lewis Tower by the end of April 2006.

6.4        Bob Le Sueur reminded the Section that Prof. Sallis completes his term of office as an SJ representative in 2006. Bob would like the nominee to be an active member of the one of the SJ’s ‘Heritage’ Sections. He considers the History, Archives and Archaeology Sections to be ‘Heritage’ sections. Frank said that he would take forward to Executive the strong feeling of the Section.


4.         Chairman’s communications

4.1        Frank Falle said that the Autumn lunchtime lectures 2005 were a great success. The speakers for the 2006 series have been arranged. He hoped that the 2005 lectures could be published in pamphlet form, ready for sale at the 2006 lectures. Bob Le Sueur concurred and said that much of the research embodied in the lectures has not been written up. He also adapted some of his material according to his audience. The meeting agreed in principle to Frank’s proposal, which needs to pay for itself. Frank will consult with Marie-Louise Backhurst, Publications Committee Chairman. She said that an editor is needed to ensure uniformity of presentation.

4.2        Frank reminded the meeting that the SJ showcase in the Museum would become a semi-permanent display, possibly changed once a year, and reflecting the work of all the sections. He asked for ideas. Bertram Brée suggested Christian culture (the Hermitage) and photographs; Georgia Le Maistre suggested a montage of photographs. Bob Le Sueur wanted old newspapers, photos and old pamphlets on display.

            Nick Jouault and Marie-Louise Backhurst said that the Section should show members’ research topics and historians in action (eg. the taking of DNA swabs, our visits).

Francis Corbet said that the different approach was being made because Sections found that preparing a rota of exhibits too much of a chore, leading to slippage in the timetable and a stale display. Instead there will be a rolling display of the work of the whole of the SJ.  The discussion will continue at the January 2006 meeting.



4.3        Frank said that the January 2006 meeting is the AGM, which Nick Jouault will chair in his absence. Frank and Mary Billot are both willing to stand again. However Frank said that he needed to delegate, especially organising the responses to the Forts and Towers Working Party. He thanked Mary Billot for continuing to prepare the minutes and other section administration.

4.4        Frank said that the Variety Club Three Bells walk would take place again on Christmas Eve. There are only 10 places left, costing £17.00 including lunch and donation. The route is in St Peter, St Mary and St Ouen.

4.5        Mary Billot passed on Mr Hutt’s Christmas greetings to everyone. She asked for help clearing up after the meeting.

4.6        Nick Jouault said that the Environment Ministry has produced a consultative document on Jersey’s coastline.

4.7        Marie-Louise Backhurst said that the January 2006 issue of Your family tree will be on sale on December 21st 2005, and includes her article on CI genealogy.



5.         The Section’s tour of the Morbihan, September 2005

Marie-Louise Backhurst gave an illustrated presentation of photographs taken by Nick Jouault and her, using her laptop computer. About ten other participants of the tour joined members and stayed for the Christmas Party, which followed. Frank thanked Marie-Louise for her talk and also thanked Georgia Le Maistre and Mary Billot for organizing the refreshments.



6.0        Date of next meeting

            Tuesday January 17th 2006 at 5.15pm, in the Members’ Room if available; otherwise in the Arthur Mourant room. This is the Section’s Annual General Meeting and will be chaired by Nicolas Jouault, as Frank Falle will be away.