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Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday August 21st 2001 at 5.15pm
Arthur Mourant Room


2.        Minutes of the meeting of July 17th 2001 and amendments

        Frank Falle and Mary Billot thanked Sarah Jordan for her very efficient minutes.

4.4        The SJ Lemprière Collection has been accessioned but not yet listed by the Jersey Archive.
5.8.1        Sundials : for St Saviour, substitute St Lawrence (twice).

3.         Matters arising from the minutes, not covered by the agenda
  1. Mothers' Union : Sally Knight said that the centenary of the Mothers' Union was celebrated in 1976. Various local events were reported in the JEP. The Jersey branch was founded in 1887, 11 years after the English founding.
  2. 4Zion Chapel, Union St : Mary Billot has come across the St Helier birth registration of a child to Mr Unwin, the Minister at the Chapel -
January 22nd 1845
  • Arthur Whately Unwin, son of William Jordan Unwin and his wife Eliza Davey Tailer. Mr Unwin is 'Ministre de l'Eglise Indépendante', and living at Claremont Hill, St Helier.

  • 4.        Chairman's announcements

    4.1         Autumn lunch time lectures; titles were agreed and Members' Room booked (please note new dates) :
        1. ·Tuesday November 6th Yvonne Aston on Local trade, 1845-1900
        2. ·Tuesday November 13th Mervyn Billot on Ploughing the furrow : farm tractors in Jersey
        3. ·Tuesday November 20th Sue Hardy on Lady Otway, the Queen of Jersey society on the late 19th century
        4. ·Thursday November 29th David Levitt on Catching the shadow : an illustrated talk on sundials in Jersey
      1. Dinan study tour : Prof. Meirion-Jones has sent the final programme, with costs for the coach hire. Suggestions for presents to the tour leaders and local lecturers have been agreed. There will be a report on the trip at the December meeting.
      2. 3Vikings : Frank Falle reported that a high percentage of local DNA swabs were readable. The test results will be released after the showing of the five BBC2 programmes in November 2001.
      3. Philip Stevens has found 300 Norse words in Jersey place names, especially in the west of Jersey.
      Vikings weekend seminar in 2002 to include :
    1. Lecturer from University College London
    2. Visit to Pirou Castle, north of Coutances
    3. Lecture on the wider framework of Jersey history
    John Denize said that the Association Jersey-Coutançais has useful contacts.
    Frank will report back in due course.
    5 Members' contributions

    1. Bob Le Sueur circulated the design for the information board at Grosnez Castle, which has been funded by Tourism. Some comments were made. John Denize suggested that Max Lucas could also check it. [Copy with minutes]
    Bob's paper on 'The German mutiny that never was, May 1th 1945' which was read at the April 2001 meeting has now been published in the latest Channel Islands Occupation Society journal (2001 Jersey issue). His typescript will go to the SJ Library.
    1. David Le Maistre has not found the N.W.V.R.A. in the almanacs but did note the date of the laying of the foundation stone of Oddfellows Hall. He also said that Mr T. Parratt (London) is researching Jersey World War II war dead; few biographical details are recorded. His report is in the CIFHS journal , no.91, summer 2001.
    2. Save Jersey's Heritage is temporarily in abeyance, since the death of its Honorary Secretary, Rachel Pirouet.
    3. David Levitt has sent an article to the British Sundial Society. He has examined the sundial at Le Chenaie des Bois, St Martin (Crill family). It is with an insurance mark; Alex Glendinning and David Le Maistre have recorded such marks. St Saviour Church sundial : Ken Renault is the contact.
    4. Marie-Louise Backhurst is researching the date of the Market (1802?) for the forthcoming anniversary. She has checked the Jersey Archive, the Market archives and the Gazette de l'Isle de Jersey.
    5. She has a reference (a Sullivan print) to the ruins of a college founded by Sir George de Carteret in the mid 1640s on land that he owned, near Victoria College, which celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2002.
    6. Mervyn Billot is researching Le Billot, near Lisieux in Normandy. It was the site of a market set up by the local seigneur (billot = butcher's chopping block). The Maison de Normandie has been very helpful.
    6. Any other business

    There was no other business.