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The History Section


Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday August 15th 2000 at 5.15pm

Members' Room

1. Members present :

Mary Billot (Secretary), Gavin Booth, Derek Gray (new member), Sally Knight, David Le Maistre (Chairman), Georgia Le Maistre, Martine Schenk

Apologies : Jean Arthur, Yvonne Aston, Marie-Louise Backhurst, Mervyn Billot (new member), Roger de Carteret, Frank Falle, Reg Jeune, Mary Jupp, Alec Podger.

2. Minutes of the meeting of May 16th and June 20th 2000 and amendments

These were signed as a correct record. There were no amendments. There were no minutes for the meeting of July 18th (visit to Jersey Archive).

3. Matters arising from the minutes, not covered by the agenda

May 16th

3.5.1 The Channel 4 producer of 'Black history on the map' has decided not to pursue Jersey's black history with Marie-Louise Backhurst because it does not have modern relevance.

5.8 Roger de Carteret searched the Internet for the Institute of Mentalphysics (California) founded in 1927 by Edwin J. Dingle, journalist, author and husband of Dr Lilian Grandin (died China 1924). He went to the USA in 1921, remarried more than once and died in 1972. [Information in Library]

June 20th

5. The proposed visit to Dinan with Prof. Meirion-Jones is the highlight of the Section's plans for 2001; Mary Billot has the names of nine people who are interested. Please let her know if you want your name put on the list.

July 18th

Mary Billot has sent a letter of thanks to Denise Williams (Head of Jersey Archive), for showing the Section around the new Archive building.

4. Chairman's announcements

David Le Maistre gave advance notice that he would step down as Chairman at the end of 2000. He welcomed Derek Gray, a new member to the Section; he also asked members to sign a get well card for Mary Jupp, who is convalescing after a hip operation.

SJ meetings : Wednesday August 23rd : relaunch of the Roderick Dobson award (A/V Theatre)

Saturday August 26th : guided tour of Les Blanches Banques (J. Marshall)

Sunday September 10th : walk with Geraint Jennings (Royal Square to Triangle Park)

He announced the programme for the Autumn 2000 lunchtime lectures -

Wednesdays, Members' Room, starting 1.15pm

* November 8th : David Le Maistre - Picture postcards of the 20th century

* November 15th : Frank Falle - Dr Latham's theories of the colonization of Jersey

* November 22nd : Jean Arthur - An historical miscellany with slides

* November 29th : Alec Podger - Living in precarious times, Jersey 1300-1450.

Martine Schenk may be available in 2001 to give a lecture on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Jersey; she is researching the link between Dr Lilian Grandin and Egbert Grandin, the first publisher in 1830 of the Book of Mormon.

5. Section Chairmen's and Secretaries meeting, June 21st 2000

Items discussed -

* Mont Orgueil Castle presentation by Michael Day and Jon Carter (JHT)

* Jersey Island Plan meeting with WS Atkins Consultants : Thursday September 21, 1 to 2pm, Members' Room

* SJ Promotion week October 7 - 15, 2000, includes Treasure Trove Seminar follow-up on Saturday October 7, 9.30 am to 2.30 pm

* Members' questionnaire : 147 replied showing an interest in History. All were circulated with details and eleven have replied so far

* Millennium building project : expected official opening date for the 4th floor is November 13th 2000

* Barreau Art scholarship : three prizes to be awarded this year

* Bonne Nuit Bay sewage disposal options

* New members' welcome : at President's Christmas gathering, Thursday December 14.

6. Members' contributions

6.1 Martine Schenk reported the closure of Thesaurus (second hand bookshop) by the end of September.

6.2 Gavin Booth reported on articles about Marie Le Guen's imprisonment, after her brother Thomas Connan was executed for the murder of her husband, Pierre Le Guen, in 1907. [See Prisons box 21]

He reported further research on the Boielle family (James and Edward) and on the 1912 storms and gales, especially in August (Tesson Mill devastated).

6.3 Georgia Le Maistre reported on Grandin inspection covers : Broad St cover removed; Hill St cover recorded, a Le Marquand cover at the Opera House. She is checking on Mr Grandin's bathing machines, near Clark's shipyard.

7. Date of next meeting

Tuesday September 19th 2000 at 5.00 pm (please note earlier start time), Members' Room