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Frank Falle (Chairman), Marie-Louise Backhurst, Anne Corbet, Francis Corbet, Don Bell, Mervyn Billot, Gavin Booth, Bertram Bree, Roy Dobin, Gerry France, Mary Gibb, Arthur Griffiths, Geraint Jennings, Sarah Jordan, Nick Jouault, George Langlois, Frank Le Blancq, Bob Le Sueur, David Levitt, Ian Machin, Bill Tower.

  1. Apologies for absence:
    Mary Billot, Jean Bell, Sue Groves, Suzanne Le Feuvre, David Le Maistre, Georgia Le Maistre.
  2. Minutes of the Meeting of 17 February 2004 and amendments
    2.1 4.3 Marie-Louise said that there were 1 or 2 based on English practice but there had been considerable adaptation for Jersey.
  3. 2.25.6Will of Moses Corbet (cost £3.00)
  4. 2.35.10sponsorship for 2004, not 2003
  • Matters arising from the Minutes – not covered by the Agenda
    M-LB advised that the Robin Cox papers are to be deposited with Jersey Archive.
    On-line catalogues available for the Societe Jersiaise Library, the Main Library, and the Archive.
    GJ advised that, like Lt Henry William Pitcher, he also attended Victoria College & Christ's Hospital School – but not at the same time.
    FLeB advised that Peter Body is the person collecting information on the book of storms.
    GJ mentioned that there is some poetry in various languages on the topic.
    FF advised that Anna in the Societe Jersiaise Library is also a contact for information on storms.
    BLeS/FLeB advised that there was a storm in the Middle Ages (circa 1362) that caused a huge transference of sand from the dunes which were in Gloucester Street (where the Hospital now stands) to the area of the Parade now known as Sutton House/Cyril Le Marquand House. In fact, during excavations, BLeS had uncovered furrows ready for planting under a deep layer of sand – this is presumed to be as a result of this particular storm.
    BB advised that according to Nature sea level varies by more than a metre around the globe due to earth's magnetic field.
  • Chairman's Communications
    FF thanked Sarah Jordan for standing in for Mary Billot in taking the Minutes of this Meeting.
    4.2        FF advised that the Section is responsible for a Display Case in the Museum for a four-month period approximately at the end of the summer.
            It was agreed that the subject be St Helier and that Francis Corbet, Geraint Jennings and Bertram Brée will form a sub committee to take this forward.
    4.3        FF advised that the Porter bequest would be used to purchase a book for the Société Jersiaise, which the SJ is unable to afford. The title of which will be advised in due course.
    4.4        The NEXT MEETING will be held in the Parish Church of St Helier at 5:15pm on Tuesday April 20, 2004.
    4.5        Trip to France – FF advised that 11 places left – contact BB for tickets. FF will offer remaining places to the rest of the Société Members.

  • Members' Contributions

  • 1AG – Top of Pontorson Lane, next to La Rosière, there is a gardener's cottage with what appears to be a standing stone built into the wall. BLeS to investigate.
  • 2M-LB - Corbet James D'Auvergne – he purchased Gouray Lodge in 1880. Went bankrupt in 1883. He married granddaughter of Bonnie Prince Charlie. She was illegitimate daughter of his illegitimate daughter.
  • 3.1NJ – Education, Sports & Culture Committee of the States have produced a draft culture strategy consultation document. It mentions Jersey trading in spices and slaves. He was not aware that Jersey people had made money in the trading of slaves in particular – the Messervys and James de Carteret were two names mentioned in this connection.
  • 3.2NJ – he offered his assistance on behalf of the Section in connection with the RAMSAR designation of the history of the Ecréhous and the Minquiers. He was duly appointed as the Section's representative in this connection.
  • 3.3NJ – He has photographed the vraicing tracks in the rocks at the north and south ends of St Ouen's Bay and Fliquet. He is planning a walk (in conjunction with Tourism) and will advise the date at the next meeting.
  • 4.1DL – New Old Sundial
    Brian Brée, Le Hurel, inherited a property with limestone sundial lying in the garden. In two fragments, otherwise fair condition. Indistinct date 16?? Very similar to Hamptonne – 2 'ears' instead of 4. Arm at centre of dial where gnomon comes from - identical to Hamptonne dial.
  • 4.2DL – New New Sundial
    St Peter's Church – a new declining dial to be installed next week. The designer/maker Harriet James?/Jones? from Wiltshire will be in the Island to supervise the setting up.
  • 5MG – The Midland Bank Occupation Archive. She has spoken to the person responsible for clearing HSBC Hill Street Branch, who has not been able to trace the documents. She is in the course of obtaining the HSBC Archive Contact in the UK who may be able to help further. BLeS advised that the father of Valerie Renouf (dancing teacher) was the Manager of the Midland Bank Hill Street during WW2.
  • 6.1RD – Channel Island Occupation Society have just held their AGM. M. Ginns appointed Chairman and Secretary.
  • 6.2RD – During WW2, a French vedette ran aground in Grouville Bay. Carcass of this boat can now be seen, with the reducing sands, near Fort Henry (near Grouville Golf Course).
  • 6.3RD – BLeS has been appointed to the panel of experts who will be re-writing what happened in Jersey during WW2.
  • 7BLeS – A group of 40 or 50 from the Royal Archaeological Institute will be visiting the Island to look at other monuments. Mr Aidan Smith has died; he was to have given a talk on Bosdet glass/Lalique. Any other people who may be able to help – Caroline Easterbrook's name was mentioned regarding Lalique.
  • 8GB – Further to Georgia Le Maistre's photograph of the opening of the Telegraph Office, you can visit www.marett.org/telecom for more information on the Telegraph Office that was situated between Church Street/Library Place where Lazard Bros bank is now.

    6. Date of next meeting         Tuesday April 20, 2004, at 5:15pm in the Town Church.