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Minutes of the Meeting held Tuesday March 19th 2002 at 5.15pm

Members Room

1. Members present :

Jean Arthur, Marie-Louise Backhurst, Mary Billot (Secretary), Mervyn Billot, Bertram Brée, Roger de Carteret, Roy Dobin, Frank Falle (Chairman), Mary Gibb, Nicolas Jouault, Frank Le Blancq, Georgia Le Maistre, David Le Maistre, Bob Le Sueur, Rosemary Mesch, Bill Tower (new member).

Apologies :

Yvonne Aston, Don & Jean Bell, John & Pam Denize, Derek Gray, Sally Knight, Suzanne Le Feuvre, David Levitt, Alec Podger.

2. Minutes of the meeting of February 19th 2002, and amendments

The minutes were approved as a correct record.

4.2 Bob Le Sueur said that he would speak at the 2002 lunch time lecture on one of the three offshore towers, not all three. Icho Tower was chosen.

3. Matters arising from the minutes not covered by the agenda

4.7 Frank Falle has received no objections to a copy of our Mont Orgueil Castle submission being lodged at the Jersey Library.

5.2 Marie-Louise Backhurst thought that there was a Chapelle Notre Dame northwest of the churchyard at Grouville; it has not been verified that the Chapelle Ste Marguerite was where the house of the same name is now. [Further details in Grouville : the history of a country parish]

4. Chairman s announcements

4.1 Frank introduced Bill Tower, a new member, who has 18th century US antecedents. He also welcomed Mervyn Billot and Roger de Carteret back.

4.2 Chairmen & Secretaries meeting, March 5th 2002. Items included

· Library would like the periodicals questionnaires returned as soon as possible. Local History week starts May 6th; there will be an event on May 11th in the Members Room. All States depts will participate in the Lifelong Learning Project which starts in July

· Photographic Archive more has been added to the database; fine printouts are available

· Heart of Jersey Conference (Environment Section, 02/03/02) very successful; report being prepared. Marie-Louise Backhurst has a copy of the Alderney report (30 mins, digital projector required), which could be given at a History Section meeting

· Sponsored walk between the Millennium standing stones proposed to raise funds (October 2002). Volunteers needed at the stones. Routes via green lanes; open to all

· Publications Committee wants manuscripts to be read by expert referees. History Section will supply a list from its members

· Display cabinet in Museum Garden History in at present, followed by Archaeology then Archives.

· Countryside Panel irregular meetings chaired by Richard Michel. Newsletter out soon.

· Sections letter writing refer public statements to Executive before issuing them on official letterhead. Please warn Office before speaking on Radio Jersey

· Nominations for Executive sought from Section members for two vacancies for general members. Deadline for nominations March 28th 2002

· JHT shop now run by Printed Word Bookshop. SJ members get 10% discount from SJ Bookshop. Reminder that JHT special events have to be bought in so SJ members have to pay

· Radio Jersey regular SJ slot 3rd Wednesday of month, 2.30-3.15pm use for Sections publicity

· Date of next meeting November 4th 2002

4.3 Mont Orgueil Castle

Two meetings have taken place. Chris Aubin chaired an Archaeology Section meeting on February 28th. FOMO held a useful meeting chaired by Jurat Herbert. The Somerset Tower was dated after 1550. The JHT Seminar is on April 24th and 25th; the seminar is on the first day and participants visit MOC on the second day with Dr Rodwell. Copies of material will be available by April 10th. The Section has received four invitations; Mervyn Billot, Roy Dobin, Frank Falle, David Levitt will attend, with Bertram Brée as reserve.

Bob Le Sueur asked about visitor interpretation once all the tableaux disappear. He will raise the subject at the November meeting of Chairmen and Secretaries.

4.4 Visit to Pirou, Hauteville Museum and La Hambie

Frank Falle has to make further enquiries and will then suggest some dates and costs at the next meeting; Bertram Brée also has useful information and contacts. Section members and their partners will have priority. The visit will probably be based at Coutances for two nights.

4.5 The report for the Spring 2002 newsletter has been sent in. Slots for the five Autumn lunch-time lectures have been booked Wednesdays, October 23rd to November 20th. The speakers are Jean Arthur, Marie-Louise Backhurst, Frank Falle, Geraint Jennings, Bob Le Sueur. Marie-Louise has picked her date (October 30th) and chosen her title (Cholera, drains and the ratepayer in 19th century St Helier).

5. Members contributions

5.1 Mary Billot said that the next CI sale at Bonhams & Langlois was on March 20th.

5.2 Nick Jouault said that the book on the wreck of the Caledonia was in the shops; it concerns Edward Le Dain and the Rev. Hawker, Vicar of Morwenstow, Cornwall (Seal, Jeremy. The wreck at Sharpnose Point. Picador, 2002. ISBN 033037463x. £15.99). [Book review with minutes]

5.3 Rosemary Mesch said that the Prof. Colin Platt book on MOC was for sale at Printed Word Bookshop. An Australian model by James Semple Kerr was used for the MOC draft conservation plan; he has produced some comments.

5.4 Marie-Louise Backhurst made several points . [Details with minutes]

· Josue Mauger born about 1715 (not 1725); his parents married 1707 (St Mary) and died 1766 (not as stated in Balleine s biographical dictionary, vol.2)

· Warwickshire Archives may have possible new account of the Battle of Jersey by Governor Moyse Corbet (?)

· Thesis by G.L.L. Prosser (University College London, 1966) on political establishment in Normandy after 1449/50

· Various Record Office references PRO and Wilts & Swindon RO

· Past & Present no.172 has article by Robert C. Davis on European slaves on the Barbary Coast with reference to George Carteret and captured Jerseymen. She will try and get a copy.

· Prof. and Mrs Hultkrantz will be back in Jersey in the autumn and wish to meet members of the Dinan study group again.

5.5 Roy Dobin said that the next Fête des Remparts at Dinan will be on July 20/21.

5.6 Georgia Le Maistre is researching the Hampshire Regiment inwww.bibliofind.com etc. Major Donald Philip Bichard, MC (1914-1944) and Major Vatcher are mentioned; the Royal Jersey Militia was attached to the Hampshire Regt in 1940 after they all volunteered to join up.

5.7 David Le Maistre gave his talk to the JSIL in January and returned with queries on the Naval Training School at Gorey (1860-1875), and on the Camera Obscura at Grève de Lecq. There was another at La Corbière and Mervyn Billot remembers one at Rozel. Are there more? David will pursue the location of the Rozel one.

David also asked whether memories of the Troglodyte Caves at Five Oaks were recorded, other than in Luke Le Moignan s book; the site closed over 80 years ago.

He also told Frank that a small find of possible Viking origin has been deposited with the JHT and had been sent to England for identification. [Details with minutes]

6. Any other business

There was no other business.

7. Date of next meeting

Tuesday April 16th 2002, 5.15pm, Members Room if available, otherwise Arthur Mourant Room.