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Frank Falle (Chairman), Jean Arthur, Marie-Louise Backhurst, Bertram Bree, Sue Groves, Elizabeth Horne, Sarah Jordan, Nicolas Jouault, Sally Knight, Frank Le Blancq, David Le Maistre, Georgia Le Maistre, Bob Le Sueur, Mike Lees, Ian Machin, Elinor McFadden, Will Millow, Paul Nicolle, Alec Podger, Danny White.

1. Apologies for absence:

Don & Jean Bell, Mary Billot, Mervyn Billot, Doreen Schofield-Fost.

2. Minutes of the Meeting of 12 December 2006 - no amendments

3. Matters arising from the Minutes Ė not covered by the Agenda

3.1 4.5 DLeM advised that the cistern has disappeared as it has been covered by the sand.

4. Election of Section Officers and Committee

FF, the current Hon. Chairman, stood down during this process and AP stood in as Hon. Chairman.

4.1 Hon. Chairman - Frank Falle was proposed by BLeS and seconded by SJ. As there were no other nominations, FF was duly re-elected.

A vote of thanks from the Section was recorded for FF.

4.2 Hon. Secretary - Mary Billot was proposed by GLeM and seconded by EMcF. As there were no other nominations, MB was duly re-elected.

On behalf of the Section FF thanked MB for all her help and dedication.

4.3 Committee - As, over the recent past, Members of the Committee have not called any Meetings, ML proposed that the Committee be formally discontinued. However, Members with particular specialities would be co-opted to sit on Committees relevant to specific issues. This motion was seconded by BLeS. The motion was carried.

5. Chairmanís Communications

5.1 FF wished everyone a Happy New Year.

5.2 FF asked Members to advise their specialist knowledge/areas of interest so that the SJ Library details may be updated and 3rd party questions may be directed appropriately.

5.3 FF thanked Sarah Jordan for standing in for Mary Billot in taking the Minutes of this Meeting.

5.4 2007 French Trip - All the money has been collected and will be paid to Go France shortly. The trip is full and there is a waiting list.

5.5.1 FF asked for suggestions regarding the way in which the Meetings are run. It was agreed that there are no problems in this area.

5.5.2 It was agreed with SG that annually a Section Meeting will be held at the Archive.

5.5.3 It was proposed that a new initiative - Down Your Street - would commence in the Autumn. This would involve going to a particular area/street of a Member to research as much as possible about that area. It was suggested that the first area be Aquila Road.

5.6 FF has arranged for the Section programme of walks to be included in the Heritage brochure.

5.7 John Clarke of the Archaeology Section is the contact for those who wish to participate in the dig which is taking place at the National Trust property of 16 New Street.

5.8 Presidentís End of Term Lunch - £20.00 per ticket (incl aperitif) on Saturday 10 March 2007, at Greenhills Country Hotel. 12:30 for 13:00. Guest Speaker - The Dean, Very Reverend Bob Key. Contact SJ office for tickets which are limited.

5.9 SJ 2007 subscriptions are now due. Please contact SJ Office for those who do not have a direct debit arrangement.

6. Forts and Towers Working Party Report

6.1 FF advised that the SJ Executive Committee had asked him to pass on praise to ML for his input and all the work involved.

6.2 ML has submitted a report commenting on the draft conservation statement for Le Hocq.

6.3 John Clarke from the Archaeology Section has raised the question of carrying out a dig.

6.4 DLeM had a colour illustration of Le Hocq Tower from the sea side indicating a gun. This has been donated to the SJ.

6.5 Although there are no plans at the moment for Icho Tower, a wait and see approach is being taken with regard to adding Le Hocq Tower to the Heritage properties for let.

6.6 A recent JEP article indicated that the Tower was built in 1835 to defend the Island against Napoleon. ML will contact the JEP to correct this misapprehension.

7. Membersí Contributions

7.1 SG - i) There will be a forthcoming item in the JEP re the Archives opening more records. This is the result of the end of another year causing more records available to be opened.

SG - ii) On Saturday 17 March 2007, the Archives will be holding an Open Day which will include behind the scenes tours.

7.2 JA - A photograph of a Church (possibly in Cornwall) was circulated. It belongs to items of JAís grandparentsí generation. Any information welcome. EH suggested that JA contact Country Life, whoís readership may be able to help.

7.3 AP - A statement by William Prynne (circa 1640ís) indicates that a jetty was at Gorey. This information seems to date the jetty more precisely than what has been available previously.

7.4 WM - During his investigations into Robert Boyd, he has established that an Anglican Reverend Boyd purchased property in the Garden Lane/Val Plaisant area, which was later sold to the Catholic Church. This appears to now be part of the St Thomas Church estate. Also mentioned was Berri House (now demolished but was sited in what is now St Thomas Church car park). BLeS advised that there maybe some connection with Charles X of Franceís son, Le Duc du Berry, who wanted to remain an autocrat. It was the assassination of the Le Ducís pregnant wife which was the catalyst for the downfall of Charles X.

7.5 BB - Thalassa, a documentary programme on French TV featured Alderney & Sark recently. Perhaps Jersey and Guernsey will be covered too.

7.6 DLeM - Would Section Members be interested in attending a tour of the Main Jersey Library studies room? Max 20 places. Sufficient interest was indicated. He will arrange something in the future.

7.7 M-LB - i) She has written a History in Jersey of District Nursing. An extract may be published in the SJ Bulletin, but more information will be available at the Archives - contact Trevor Labey.

M-LB- ii) 15 The Parade - has recently been demolished. It had been a listed property, but was de-listed in 2006. M-LB has been trying to obtain more information from Planning & Environment regarding the de-listing process for some time. So far, nothing has been forthcoming.

M-LB- iii) The Farm Buildings Characteristics Report by Roger Hills was due in June 2006 but delayed until November 2006. To date, report not published.

M-LB - iv) Miss Potter (film on the life of Beatrix Potter) sparked interest in connection with Jersey. Beatrix Potter was engaged to Norman Warne (a publisher who died of pernicious anaemia). Louisa Fruing married Fred Warne and they lived at 36 Colomberie (which has been demolished)

M-LB - v) A series of talks on shipping, including the cod trade on 11 March 2007, is being held at weekends at Greve de Lecq Barracks.

7.8 PN - Raised the question of some commemoration of the life and achievements of Philip de Carteret - who circumnavigated the world twice.

FF advised that Philip is buried in Portsmouth.

BB advised that information can be found in 2 volumes issued by the Hakluyt Society. (Richard Hakluyt, who died in 1616, wrote several books on the voyages of discovery of his time).

BLeS advised that there is an Island off the coast of Puenta Arenas called Isla Carteret near southern Chile.

FF advised that there are a group of Islands in the Pacific formerly known as Jersey, Guernsey & Sark. They have now been renamed as the Queen Charlotte Islands.

FF moved on to George de Carteret and commented that his life/achievements were also worth some commemoration.

BB advised that there is an area in New York named after George de Carteretís wife, Elizabeth.

7.9 BLeS - Section Members may like to give consideration to the SJ AGM which is coming up in the next couple of months. There are 2 or 3 vacancies which Section Members may which to consider being nominated for.

7.10 GLeM - The National Trust for Jersey has contacted her regarding the way in which the kitchen at 16 New Street may have looked/was designed in 1780. Members were asked for their comments regarding typical items which would be unlikely to be found elsewhere, but which would be particular to a town property of the period. Suggestions covered an open fire/trepis/brass bachin/cider flagon/taper sticks/candles/seal oil/whale oil lamps/parrot (as a result of the triangular cod trade with the Caribbean). Publications e.g. Victorian Voices and The Marettís of La Haule may have inventories/more information.

6. Date of next meeting

Tuesday February 20, 2007 in the MembersĎ Room, if available; otherwise in the Arthur Mourant Room.