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Bishop Jeune by Sohier


Cold indifference despise,
Have an independent spirit,
Soon thy worth they'll recognise,
And value, too, thy merit.
Diffidence, dear Sohier, shun,
Bashfulness, bid, too, defiance,
Honor's rarely ever won
Without firm self-reliance.

Let thy chisel grave on stone,
Form it from thy mind's creation,
Soften'd down in point and tone,
Breathing as 'twere animation.
There's an evidence of care
In treatment, taste, and dealing,
Shown in Peirson and Le Sueur,
The master hand revealing.

I have ofttimes seen thee while
Thy heart thrill'd with emotion,
On thy cherish'd love and toil,
And devotee's devotion.
Bear up with a manly mind,
Though humble thy position,
Gifts like thine ere long will find
Deserving recognition.

Jersey, June 18th, 1880.

Jersey Express, June 19th, 1880.

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