Datestones at La Ville Machon,

La Grande Route de La Côte, Trinity

298. IDG.EDG.1783. Jean de Gruchy fils Jean and Elizabeth de Gruchy fille Thomas m. (T) 24.4.1757.
664. PDG (single heart) MMRN.1814. Philippe de Gruchy and Marie Renaut m. (T) 31.1.1799.
790a. PRN (entwined hearts) MAM (on lintel of barn )
790b. PRN.MAM.1805 (on rear of house, painted over and 2/3rds covered by guttering)
790c. PRN.MAM. 1813 (on first storey of barn);
790d. PRN (single heart) MAM. 1824 (damaged and reused in conservatory). Philippe Renault and Marie Amy t.d. Trinity m. (St S) 24.1.1795 .
791. PRN (single heart) MDG.1789. Philippe Renault and Marie de Gruchy m. (T) 27.6.1762; above old front door - partly obscured by rose bush.

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