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St Hélyi

St. Helier - St Hélyi


St Helier Millennium Cross


St. Helier's Millennium Cross is sited in a temporary location in Victoria Park behind the statue of Queen Victoria. It was dedicated at the end of December 2000.

It is planned to move the cross to a site on the seafront with a view towards the Hermitage and Elizabeth Castle where the Abbey cross - the model for the 12 Millennium crosses - is situated. This will happen when the proposed site becomes available.


La crouaix du millénaithe à St. Hélyi est èrmèquabl'ye viyant qu'ch'est la seule tch'a du Jèrriais êcrit sus: "A la glouaithe dé Dgieu".


St Helier Millennium Cross


Plea for 'modest' cross

St Helier Deputy Paul Routier wants the parish to go ahead with erecting their Millennium cross as soon as possible but is advising them to 'keep it modest'.

The Deputy expressed concern at last week's parish rates assembly that the installation of the cross had been among projects which the parish intended deferring until the next financial year as a way of saving funds.

During the last six weeks, parish officials were unsuccessful in their attempts to persuade the assembly to agree to the fixing of the rate firstly at 3.5p per quarter and then 3p.

They had to come to terms last week with the reality that ratepayers refused to pay more than 2.8p.

Previous estimates showed that the intention had been for the parish to spend £330,000 erecting the cross, if possible, on a site at the waterfront where they intended making it a special feature.

Deputy Routier was the person who successfully suggested to the Policy and Resources Committee that the States should provide every parish with a cross to celebrate the Millennium.

He said that he was disappointed that this work in St Helier had been singled out to be deferred from the budget.

Commending the way in which many of the parishes had installed their crosses and the sites selected, he said that although he did not know the costs incurred by the other parishes, he expected that those sums were nowhere near the original amount suggested by St Helier.

Deputy Routier has written to the Constable, Bob Le Brocq, to ask him to reinstate this project on a more modest scheme which could be accommodated in the parish's general work programme without requiring a specific amount set aside. 'I have suggested that the cross should be put in place ready for dedication by the end of this year,' he said.

Town greffier Ian Philpott said that the parish had hoped to negotiate a site for the cross and make it a 'nice feature' near to where the Dukws operated but that had proved to be unsuitable. He stressed that the project had not been scrapped and that the Roads Committee were still looking for a suitable site.

It was a case of the parish looking at all areas for possible cost savings, he said.

JEP 18/9/2000


St. Helier Pilgrimage 2001


St Helier Millennium Cross


St Helier Millennium Cross


St Helier Millennium Cross


St. Helier Pilgrimage 2002



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