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Parish Abbreviations: St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P).
1651. PR (entwined hearts) WM 1974. Philip Rondel and Wendy Morgan. Fireplace at Orford House, Rue du Temple (St J).
1652. PJR (entwined hearts) GEM 1992. Philip John Rondel and Gwendoline Elizabeth Morgan. La Maison Hors d' Etchèrre, La Rue de la Mare Ballam (St J) - see also 1374.
1653. PLQ.1616. Philippe Le Quesne fils Leonard Le Quesne and Marguerite Hocquard of Oak Farm who m. Marie Le Gallais (St J) 6.11.1616. Corbel at the back of the open shed to the east of the main building at Oak Farm, La Rue de Sorel (St J). See Walter Le Quesne's 'The Le Quesnes of Jersey' Published CIFHS 1995. Originally at 411 incorrectly described as ILQ 1660.
1654. MHC (single heart) CBN AHC 1751. Matthieu Hocquard and Catherine Benest m. (T) 16.2.1748. Issue recorded in St John from 1755 to 1765. It appears they had a son Abraham elsewhere (not found in Jersey) as there is an entry in the burials for 'David enfant Abraham fils Matthieu' bur. (St J) 21.10.1798. This Abraham Hocquard m. Jeanne Anley of St John (St S) 29.4.1779. Window lintel at Kungsater, La Rue de L'Etocquet (St J).
1655. PAB ELM 1743. Philippe Aubert of St Mary and Elizabeth Le Maistre of St John m. (St H) 22.12.1725. First storey of the west extension at the rear of Northwood, La Rue de Sorel (St J).
1656. J.R. 1975. John Renouf (Farmer) who died in 1995. He married Elsie Chapron. Identified by Tina Quimby-Mitchell. Carved on a first storey window lintel at the rear of Oak Farm, La Rue de Sorel (St J).
1657. FEC (entwined hearts) SAML 1987. Freddie Ellyer Cohen and Sarah Anne Martyn Leapman. Marriage stone on outbuildings behind Highcliff, La Rue de la Mare des Pres (St J).
1658. S.L.R. L.S.F. 1976. Sidney Leonard Robinson and Lilah Sybil Flint. La Maison du Becquet, La Rue de la Mare des Pres (St J).
1659. HLR (enwined hearts) MAB 1817. Hugh Laurens & Marie Aubin m.(St H) 27.10.1814 t.d. Grouville. First storey plaque at Boulivot House, Boulivot (G).
1660. PLV. SLB.1743. Philippe Le Vesconte and Sara Le Bailly - marriage missing from the registers but children baptised in St Mary from 1731 to 1752. Plaque on the west corner of Oakwood, Rue des Buttes (St My).
1661. M.J.B. C.M.Y. 1976. Martin John Bourke and Christine Margaret Yorke - construction stone (cut in France) on the Moon Gate at Le Jardin de Verp, La Rue de Douet de Rue (St L).
1662. W.NM (star) RF 1901. Walter Norman of St Lawrence and his French wife Rosalie François. 1891 Census Ref: St Lawrence District 5: Folio 166: Page 7. Lintel on the converted barns at Greenhills (St L).
1663. PCHD (entwined hearts) DFAM 1972. Lintel over the new entrance to Domaine de la Valette, Rue de Sorel (St J) - see also 60 181 and 1664.
1664. GBR 1772. Fireplace inside the cottage at Domaine de la Valette, Rue de Sorel (St J) - see also 60 181 and 1663.
1665. LBC (entwined hearts) MB LE Q 1955. Leslie Bernard Cotilliard and Monica Binet Le Quesne, marriage stone as the extension was constructed in 1995. Petit Catel, La Rue des Landes (St J).
1666. MLC (entwined hearts) KAB 1981. Michael Lesley Cotilliard (son of the couple above) and Karen Ann Billot. Marriage and construction stone at La Croisic, La Rue des Landes (St J).
1667. D:M (small single heart) I:I (small diamond) 1747. Daniel Messervy fils Daniel fils Daniel of St Helier and Anne Pipon of St Brelade and Jeanne Valphy dit Janvrin of St Brelade m. (St B) 7.6.1742. Lintel on the rear garden wall at Linden Hall, Trinity Hill (St H) - see also 430.
1668. PCS.ARB.1716. Fireplace, Le Petit Câtelet, La Route de St Jean (St J); a door lintel from elsewhere. Originally at 285 listed as beginning with an I.
1669. PRD (single heart) MBP 1816. Philippe Rondel of Trinity & Marie Blampied of St John m. (St J) 26.8.1808. Lintel on the outbuildings at La Tombette, Chemin d'Olivet (St My).
1670. CLF (entwined hearts) MAL 1995. Charles Le Feuvre and Mary Anne Le Cour. Marriage stone over the front door at Tombette Farm, Chemin d'Olivet (St My).
1671. DRTR (entwined hearts) JAE 1989. David Raulin Tanqueray Richardson and Jane Amanda Edwards. Marriage stone on the arch at the back of La Grande Rue (St My).
1672. E.G (single heart) MLH 1937. French-born Emanuel Victor Gaziou and Marie-Louise Hervé of St Ouen (Occupation Identity Cards from St John at the Jersey Archive ref: D/S/A/5). Raised concrete letters on the side of Loge Dauphin (formerly Cornerways in the 1960s and before that the potato barn for Melbourne Farm), Le Clos de Chenolles (St J).
1673. PPN (entwined hearts) MHQ 1826 (usually obscured by shutters, which the owner kindly removed for this picture); Philippe Pinel of St Helier and Marie Hocquard of St John m. (St H) 11.8.1810; first storey plaque at Acer House (formerly Melbourne Farm), Le Clos de Chenolles (St J).
1674. SRR (entwined hearts) EN 1822. Simeon Romeril of Trinity and Elizabeth Noel of St Saviour m. (St H) 18.5.1812. Barn lintel at La Petite Commune, La Rue des Pigneaux (St S) - see also 443.
1675. IPC (entwined hearts) EBT 1813. Jean Picot of Trinity and Elizabeth Bertram of Grouville m. (G) 6.3.1813; had children baptised in Trinity from 1814-1826. Broken lintel stone now in a field wall opposite Fairfield, La Rue Hurel (T).
1676. RAL 1745. Richard Anley. Broken stone rescued from outbuildings during the demolition of La Hauteur in 1990 and now on the barns at Haut du Mont, La Rue de la Hauteur, Mont au Prêtre (St H) - see below.
1677. SMR 1990. Stewart Mourant. On the barns at Haut du Mont, La Rue de la Hauteur, Mont au Prêtre (St H) - see above plus 759 and 1258-9.
1678. TR AG 1964. Tom Rondel and Arthur Guillaume, two farmers who went into partnership in 1964 to buy Green Farm, La Route du Mont Mado (St J) - see also 875.
1679. MASF (entwined hearts) MTLEB 1995. Michael Anthony Seymour Fielding and Michelle Thérèse Le Breuilly, arch capstone commemorating the construction of Beauchamp, Les Chenolles (St J).
1680. PLCN (entwined hearts) MLCN 1840. Philippe and Marie Le Cornu t.d. Trinity m. (T) 7.12.1818 had children baptised in Trinity from 1814 -1826; first storey plaque at Vincent Hall, La Rue de Haut de L'Orme (T).
1681. CLF (single heart) IRN 1745 - the 4 is reversed. Clement Le Feuvre and Jeanne Renouf m. (St H) 24.2.1743/4. Displaced lintel at Cider End, Belmont Farm, Oaklands Lane (St H).
1682. - - D SLH (no date). Partial stone (broken on the left) buried by the roadside at Roselands, Rue de la Croix Besnard (St S) thought to have come from the Le Gallais Furniture Repository, Hilgrove Street (St H) after a fire destroyed the original building.
1683. TBT + AL + 1719. Lintel under the wooden porch at L'Etage, Sandybrook (St L) and hard to photograph as it is in deep shadow - found by Jean Arthur.
1684. PLBR (single heart) MCB 1800. Pierre Lesibirel & Marie Cabot t.d. St John m. (St S) 24.3.1792. North facing lintel at La Minoterie, La Grande Route de St Jean (St J).
1685. Thomas Renouf (St Mn) & Jeanne Renault (T) m. (T) 14.07.1827. Marriage courtesy of Anne Webbe. Lintel at North Lynn Farm (formerly Clos Fallu), La Rue du Clos Fallu (St Mt)
1686. T. J. RN(entwined hearts) M.J.GLC 1910. Anne Webbe reports that this datestone refers to Thomas James Renouf (b. 1863 St Mn s/o Thomas Renouf and Elizabeth Gaudin) and Marguerite Jane Gallichan (b. 29.07.1864 Tr. d/o Thom Gallichan and Marguerite Dorey) marriage date unknown around 1887 from dates of birth of children. Barn lintel at North Lynn Farm (formerly Clos Fallu), La Rue du Clos Fallu (St Mt).
1687. CMR (entwined hearts) MJ 1835. Charles Marett and Marie Jeune t.d. St Martin m. (St H) 15.1.1831. First storey plaque at Les Rues, La Rue du Clos Fallu (St Mt).
1688. RFS RDC 1981. Marriage stone for Robin Francis Stock and Rosemary de Carteret. The devices are a native shield, parang and spear from Sarawak, Malaysia. On the pool house in the garden of Clos des Abres, La Rue de la Retraite (St S). This house is also the new home for the stone at 634.
1689. FGL PLM SVL 1804. Small stone on the bakehouse at La Maison de Portier, Rue de la Garenne (T).
1690. MY MVN 19 (entwined hearts) 89. Marc Yates and Michaela Van Neste - see also 1195. On the corner of the west facing extension to La Maison de Portier, Rue de la Garenne (T).
1691. JRS 1768. Jean Richardson. Lintel over the front door to La Ville Mars Cottage, Oaklands Lane (St H).
1692. PPC (single heart) EAB 1811. Philippe Perchard (St S) and Elizabeth Aubin (T) m. (T) 22.2.1807. On a weighing stone in the front garden of La Ville Mars, Oaklands Lane (St H).
1693. ILF (single heart) PAL 1770. Plaque to the right of the door to the converted outbuildings at Old Quarry House, Oaklands Lane (St H).
1694. V.L.W. (entwined hearts) D.B.G. 1974. Window lintel on the west side of the converted outbuildings at Old Quarry House, Oaklands Lane (St H).
1695. NAO 1996 PAC. Neill Anders Ohlssen son of Neill Ohlssen of St Martin and Patricia Ann Cobb daughter of Charles Crookenden Cobb of Yorkshire m. (St Mt) 26.3.1966; plaque over the front door of La Hauter Cottage, La Rue d'Alval (St Mt)- see also 1647.
1696. C.A.M. (entwined hearts) D.W.R. 2000. Arch keystone at Les Haies, La Rue des Haies (T).
1697. M&T K&H 2000. Contractors' stone for M& T Construction (builders) and Kennedy & Hogan (stonemasons) who are restoring Les Haies, La Rue des Haies (T).
1698. J.B.M. 13 IV 84. Child's stone at rear of Les Haies, La Rue des Haies (T).
1699. C.B.M. 9 IX 86 (not completely cut yet). Child's stone at Les Haies, La Rue des Haies (T).
1700. W.B.M. 17 VI 87. Child's stone at Les Haies, La Rue des Haies (T).

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