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Parish Abbreviations: St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P).
1551. JESDN 1932. Back door lintel, now incorporated into the kitchen of Manoir du Fief ès Neveux, Clos du Fief, Mont Felard (St L). John Esnouf Denize, the last of his line to live here, had retrospective datestones for his ancestors carved at 314-317. There is also a huge slate gravestone in the back garden commemorating members of the Denize, Du Bois and Poingdestre families that was moved from St Lawrence Churchyard at some stage during his lifetime and cannonballs have recently been dug up in the back yard!
1552. P.D.LCN. (entwined hearts) M.A.L.B. 1908. Philippe David Le Cornu and Mary Ann Le Brun m. 1899; No. 1 Roslyn, La Rue des Bilieres (St L) - there is also a stone on their previous home, Le Trésor at 671.
1553. MSJ 1960. Cistern head put up during reconstruction after a fire at Le Hurel Farm, La Route de la Trinité (T).
1554. ENC (single heart) EPL 1803. Edouard Nicolle and Esther Pallot m. (St H) 28.8.1765; Les Peupliers Farm, Le Chemin de L'Eglise(St O) - see also 1583.
1555. IHC MLR 1802. Jean Hacquoil and Marie Le Ruez t.d. St Ouen m. (St My) 20.1.1793; Waukesha Farm, La Rue de Devise (St O).
1556. PI (entwined hearts) IGB 1738 below a heraldic device. Philippe Jean 'de Cirvais' (a misspelling of Corvées?) and Jeanne Gabourel m. (St O) 21.8.1727; Les Corvées, Mont de Corvées (St O) - previously recorded incorrectly as IP EGB1738.
1557. P.LR 1884. Philippe Le Ruez; arch capstone at La Croute, converted barns behind the Le Ruez property La Hougue Farm, La Route deVinchelez (St O) - see 1082.
1558. PCH 1689; initials inside a shield with heraldic emblem (two acorns?) date on either side. Right at the back of the States properties at Halcyon House, West Hill (St H).
1559. PLM 1789. Le Maistre; window lintel at The Barn, (behind Mayfield), La Rue des Chatagniers (St J).
1560. RMHL (entwined hearts) MJL 1960. Lumb? North door lintel on west wing of Chestnut Grove, La Rue des Chatagniers (St J).
1561. PRE (single heart) MEGE 1972. Marriage stone for Peter Reginald Edwards and Meriel Elizabeth Grayson Eastcott. South door lintel on west wing of Chestnut Grove, La Rue des Chatagniers (St J).
1562. NLM MLB 1702, the N is inverted and joined to the L in the first name and the L is joined to the M in the second. Nicolas Le Metre (Maistre) and Marie Le Brocq m. (St P) 20.11.1697. Under the recently removed render on the front of Bradford Farm, Rue des Vignes (St P) - thanks to Roger de Carteret and Frank Le Blancq for the heads up!
1563.EC EG 1830 (not 1880). Edouard Collas and Elizabeth Gallichan t.d. St Martin m. (St Mt) 15.8.1816. Barn lintel behind Seacliffe, Mont de la Gouray (St Mt) - heads up from Frank Le Blancq.
1564.LAP CRR 1996. Pallot. La Baumette, Mont de la Gouray (St Mt) - heads up from Frank Le Blancq.
1565. AEB 1986. Anne Elizabeth Blampied; plaque on La Girouette, Rue Laurens (St C).
1566. TF EM1768. Thomas Filleul and Elizabeth Monamy t.d St Clement m. (St C) 17.4.1750; door lintel from Runnymede, Samarès (St C) demolished in 1986, the stone was moved to the garage of No. 3 Languedoc, Rue Laurens (St C) by the developer of both properties.
1567. PAE 1684 and 1691 (shown); respectively window and door lintels at Le Pre Farm Cottage, Rue de Jambart (St C), the latter has a square stone above it which is a circle quartered and seems to contain X S in the bottom two quarters.
1568. PM SG 1716. Philippe Mourand Jnr. & Sara Galichan m. (St S) 2.12.1711 (also godparents to Magdelaine fille Henry Poindextre & Magdelaine Mourand bap. (St S) 10.02.1716); lintel at No. 1 Maison de Derrière Flats (behind St Michael's School) La Rue des Friquettes(St S).
1569. JC EC 1965; John and Elspeth Carnegie. Window lintel at Clos St Michel (behind St Michael's School and once the property of Mr Carnegie when he was Headmaster) La Rue des Friquettes (St S).
1570. IAB 1641 inside a shield. Jean Aubin Jnr. who m. Elizabeth E(s)tur (St S) 29.11.1637; an older stone now part of a window surround on the outbuildings next to St Michael's School, La Rue des Houguettes (St S) - converted to club premises.
1571. IMA 1735. I read this as I:A and M(A shared). Jean Aubin of St Saviour and Dlle. Marie Amy of Grouville m. (St H) 17.12.1733; lintel (covered by a curved porch) over the main entrance to the outbuildings next to St Michael's School, La Rue des Houguettes (St S).
1572. JPVF EJ Le C 1969. Jean Pierre Vernon Falle and Elizabeth Jane Le Couillard his wife; arch capstone commemorating the construction of Millemont, Les Varines (St S).
1573. AGB (single heart) KBL 1733, Amice Gabourel and Katherine Ballaine m. (St P) 2.11.1718; fine lintel at Garth Farm Cottage, La Rue des Fontaines (St P).
1574. CABL ELB 1870. Charles Abraham Balleine (b.1832 fils Jean Balleine & Anne Le Brocq) and his wife Elizabeth Le Brocq t.d. St Peter; marriage not found but circa 1862 from the birth of their children. 1871 Census reference St Peter District 4: Folio 121: Page 13. Plaque on west wing of Vaux Vert House, La Mont de la Mare (St P).
1575. PFLF 1952 (date on either side of initials). Philippe Edouard Le Feuvre; lintel over blocked up doorway commemorating the construction of barns behind Ville au Bas, coverted into living accomodation in 1980. Chalet de Haut, La Rue de la Ville au Bas (St L).
1576. SLMV (no date). Over a first storey loading door in the barns at La Rosiere, Rue de la Falaise (T).
1577. CAM MLR 1830. Charles Amy and Marie Le Riche t.d. Trinity m. (St S) 18.8.1799: carved in a niche in the kitchen at Carmel Farm, Rozel (T).
1578. FLC ILC 1743. Rev. François Le Couteur, Rector of St Martin, and Jeanne Le Couteur of Trinity m. (St H) 23.10.1718 by Rev. François Le Couteur Snr. Rector of St Helier - also godparents to the children of their son Jean Le Couteur at 1277. Lintel at Three Mile House (formerly La Pierre des Trois Milles), Maufant (St S), originally recorded at 20 as ALC ILC 1743.
1579. PGF (entwined hearts) EVD 1839; Philippe Godfray and Elizabeth Vardon t.d. St Martin m. (St H) 6.4.1833. First storey plaque at La Pierre des Trois Milles (formerly the barns to the main house above), Maufant (St S) - see also 1277.
1580. DG (entwined): RB 1711. Used as a garden step at Chestnut Farm, Rue des Buttes (St My)- see also 484.
1581. Nic 1830; carved at the back of one of the pigsties at Chestnut Farm, Rue des Buttes (St My) - see also 484.
1582. HVB ADLP 183 - last number of date obscured. Helier Vibert fils Helier and Anne de la Perrelle t.d. St Mary m. (St My) 14.3.1811; lintel, now the stable threshold at Chestnut Farm, Rue des Buttes (St My)- see also 484.
1583. TI IDP 1724, the date is carved with a reversed J for the 1 and a reversed 4. Jeanne Du Pré femme Thomas Jean bur. (St O) 14.7.1747 - marriage not found. Lintel now used as a barn threshold at Les Peupliers Farm, Le Chemin de L'Eglise(St O) - see also 1554.
1584. PGLC (entwined hearts) MGLC 1802. Philippe Gallichan of St Saviour and Marguerite Gallichan of Grouville m. (G) 16.5.1799; second storey plaque at Les Banques, Mont de la Gouray (St Mt).
1585. PNM (entwined hearts) LMA 1988. Paul Norman Morris and Lorraine Margaret Andrieux. Marriage stone, the house is still unfinished. Notre Reve, Glen Farm, Portelet (St B).
1586. RB (single heart) MGF 1844. Richard Baal of St Martin and Marie Godfray of Trinity m. (St H) 11.6.1820; lintel from the front of the house, moved in 1976 to a rear extension when the doorway was widened. Les Raisies, Rue du Raisies (St Mt).
1587. M Le G (entwined hearts) SJ de G 1985, Mark Le Gallais and Susan J. de Gruchy. Primrose Cottage, Rue du Raisies (St Mt).
1588. TJC NMP (no date). Jeremy and Nicola Collins. Arch capstone (modern) at Ruisseau D'Or, La Grande Route des Sablons (G).
1589. WBP DMJ 1955. Le! Havre, La Grande Route des Sablons (G).
1590. ELRT (single heart) EB (single heart) 1794. Edouard Le Rougetel and Elizabeth Brée t.d. Grouville m. (St Mt) 29.7.1767; rear lintel at RockView, La Grande Route des Sablons (G) - see also 169.
1591. JRD JRD 1973. Arch capstone at Les Alpes Cottages (St Mt) - see also 883.
1592. PSM 1716. A Pierre Simon was bur. (G) 10.5.1740; Le Bourg Farm, Le Bourg (G).
1593. JRS (unfinished block) 1819. Jean Roissier (not Richardson) corrected by Jean Arthur; first storey plaque at Val Poucin (St S).
1594. EF (single heart) EB 1760 with IB above. Elie Falle and Elizabeth Brée m. (St S) 8.6.1755 - possibly with Julian Brée, Elizabeth's father. Their son can be found at 1078. First storey plaque at La Hambie Farm, Rue de la Hambie (St S).
1595. ACC (entwined hearts) MMG 1992. Gable end of La Maison de La Hambie, Rue de la Hambie (St S).
1596. CH CL 1728. Rear lintel on derelict house now used as a farm store, next door to Vers Les Monts, Rue de la Presse (St P).
1597. HAT (inside a shield with three diamonds) - a fleur de lys - PDB (not g) also inside a shield - no date. Helier Arthur and Priscille Du Boys m. (St H) 22.11.1639. Lintel at Landscape Farm, Le Chemin de Moulin (St H).
1598. GT 1848. George Touzel commemorating the date his father Jean Touzel founded the animal feed business which in 1866 became George Touzel and Sons and is now George Touzel Ltd, a pet shop at 32 Halkett Place (St H).
1599. TLS 1899. Monogram for Thomas Le Seelleur who lived above his bakers and confectioners shop on the corner of Halkett Place and Waterloo Street - now David Hicks Antiques (St H).
1600. GG (single heart) KM 1722, No. 2 La Chasse (St H).
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