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Parish Abbreviations: St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P).
1501. AAL SLCT 1736. Amice Alexandre and Susanne Le Couteur m. (St P) 9.5.1736. Alexandre Farm, La Rue du Val de Mare du Sud (St P).
1502. ISV (entwined hearts) SSV 1857. Jean and Susanne Syvret; plaque on the first storey of Les Cotils, La Rue du Val de Mare du Sud (St P).
1503. ILGL 1682. Jean Le Gresley who married Elizabeth Prouings (St O) 28.10.1683; displaced stone now inside the barn arch at Homestead, Val de La Mare (St O).
1504. PLGL 1771. Philippe Le Gresley who married Rachel Prouings (St O) 9.8.1772; lintel at the front of Homestead, Val de La Mare (St O).
1505. FLGL 1809. François Le Gresley fils Philippe; stone on the front of the barns at Homestead, Val de La Mare (St O).
1506. FLGL EJ 1842. François Le Gresley fils Philippe and Elizabeth Jean fille Philippe fils Elie t.d. St Ouen; m. (St O) 23.9.1815. First storey stones on each corner of an extension at the rear of Homestead, Val de La Mare (St O).
1507. MCL AALF 1997. Michael Charles Lucas and Audrey Adele Le Feuvre. Corner stone to mark the expansion of the above extension at the rear of Homestead, Val de La Mare (St O).
1508. W.J.S. (heart) F.M.V. 1922. Walter John Simon fils Walter and Florence Marie Vibert fille Charles t.d. St Ouen m. (St O) 19.11.1919. Barn behind Elms Farm, Val de La Mare (St O).
1509. IGP SA 1703, Jean Goupy and Susanne Anthoine m. (St B) 4.10.1686 - Jean fils Jean Goupy bap. (St P) 1687 - window lintel on the west wing of Le Bouillion, Rue des Landes (St P).
1510. PT MCVL 1750. Philippe Tocque and Marie Chevallier m. (St O) 22.1.1726; plaque as a sill on the east wing of Le Bouillion, Rue des Landes (St P).
1511. ILB MLB 1810 (actually carved as JI8LB MLBJ0). Jean and Marie Le Brun t.d. St Peter m. (St P) 3.1.1797; lintel from the stable block, now in garden at Clunie, Rue des Landes (St P).
1512. ILB MLB 1798; the Le Bruns from above; plaque on the first storey of Clunie, Rue des Landes (St P) - now covered over by the porch.
1513. PDV.MCR.1733. Pierre Du Val and Marie Carrel m. (St B) 27.1.1716/7; concrete recreation of a lintel! Presumably covered over when the house was rendered; Rock Place, La Rue Carre (St B).
1514. AB EVB 1702. Abraham Becherviase and Esther Vibert m. (St My) 17.2.1698/99. Outbuildings at Les Pommiers, Les Chenolles (St P).
1515. H. LE M. BINET 1897. Herbert Le Maistre Binet; two lintels on the potato barns behind Les Fontaines (St My) - see also 274.
1516. GFT CAB 1992. Gerald Francis Trevor and Carole Anne Bailhache; lintel to mark the construction of an extension to the rear of Haut du Mont Farm (St P) - see also 641/42 and 777.
1517. PN IH 1708. Pierre Nicolle and Jeanne Hocquard m. (T) 19.7.1706; on the west gable end of Les Vaux Farm, Rue de la Monnaie (T). Contributed by Bob Pfeiffer - see also 1070.
1518. IMB 1706. Jacques Mabon fils Nicolas? born in Trinity in 1705. Found inside the house and placed in a garden wall at Les Vaux Farm, Rue de la Monnaie (T). Contributed by Bob Pfeiffer - see also 1070.
1519. IBS (entwined hearts) MLBR 1809. Jean Bisson and Marie Lesbirel m. (St H) 18.12.1817. An unusual stone as the couple did not marry until eight years later; in 1809 Jean Bisson was 34 and Marie Lesbirel only 15, maybe they were betrothed much earlier. Lintel over a window (formerly the main entrance) at Aylmer Farm, Le Chemin de Herupe (St J). Contributed by Bob Pfeiffer.
1520. --M (single heart) ABD --15. Remains of a broken lintel reused as window surround; Belle au Vents, La Route de St Jean (St L).
1521. KCDLH (entwined hearts) EBLC 1991. Keith Charles de la Haye and Elizabeth Bichard Le Cornu, marriage stone at Beaulieu, La Rue des Bilieres (St L) - a wedding present from the bride's father Philip David Le Cornu of 989.
1522. CDC (not G) SG 1854; Charles de Carteret of St Helier and his wife Sophia of St Ouen - 1851 Census Ref: St Helier District 32: Folio 75: Page 3. Twin Pines, the renamed barns, converted into accomodation, at La Haute Ferme, Mont à l'Abbé (St H) - see also 660.
1523. HVB 1715. Helier Vibert; window lintel on roadside gable end of the barns at Beech Farm, La Rue ès Viberts (St My).
1524. ID? (left) ILB (right - shown below). Faintly inscribed on the gateposts at Dunedin Farm, La Rue des Bilieres (St L).
1525. A.PM.1736 E.F; first storey plaque at Le Douet, La Rue des Chasses (St J).
1526. IS 1661. Carved on a window lintel at Le Nord Farm (St My).
1527. TMR DMR 1986. Terry Martin Renouf and Diana Mary Renouf née Georgelin; marriage stone over the north entrance at L'Horizon - formerly the barns at Le Nord Farm - (St My).
1528. WLB 1716 EGF. Displaced lintel on the gable end of an unnamed house at the top of La Rue du Rondin (St My).
1529. PDC:AVB 1815. Pierre de Caen and Anne Vibert t.d. St Mary m. (St My) 8.1.1814; Maison du Pont, La Rue du Pont (St My).
1530. PPD MGF 1707 MDPMP; Les Charrières (St My).
1531. TJB LM LEC 1934. Touzel John Bree of Fauvic Farm and Nurseries fils John Elias Bree of St Clement and Louise Mabel Le Couilliard fille Philip Elias Le Couilliard of Grouville m. (G) 20.8.1902. Unfortunately Louise did not survive long in her new house and passed away there of cancer on 18.7.1936; Sunnyholme, Fauvic (G).
1532. CDV 1860. Charles De Veulle; on outbuildings behind Fauvic Farm, Fauvic (G) - see also 313.
1533. DGD (entwined hearts) JMAM 1838. Daniel Gaudin of St Martin and Jeanne Monamy of St Clement m. (St C) 26.4.1834; broken lintel in the gardens at Pontac House Hotel, Pontac (St C). Identification from Pam Hislop.
1534. NLC 1704. Back door lintel, now enclosed within a toilet extension at Bois des Ormes (formerly Elmwood) Le Hurel (St My) - see also 239.
1535. ECT: IRB:1816. Elie Coutanche fils Clement and Jeanne Robert fille Jean t.d. St Mary m. (St My) 20.1794. First storey plaque at La Ferme Marais, Le Marais (St My).
1536. ILG 1798. On outbuildings at Highfield House, La Rue ès Viberts (St My)
1537. P.ML (star motif) E.LMSR1897. Philippe Mallet and Elizabeth Le Masurier. Above roadside door at Les Ormes, La Route de Ste Jean (St L).
1538. MG (entwined hearts) HW 1857. Moise Gibaut fils Philippe and Henrietta Wallop fille William m. (St L) 14.4.1857. Henrietta was the second of Moise's four wives! Arch capstone - which was at Mainland (St L) originally - now between Maison du Val and Belle Vue, Victoria Village (T). The stone he erected for his third wife is at 1014 and incorporates the same heraldic symbol from the Gibaut Crest.
1539. FGC (entwined hearts) BLBLT 1804; François Gruchy and Betté Larbalestier t.d. Trinity m. (St S) 5.12.1796. Lintel from Le Hurel Farm, which has also been a garden step there and has now been re-erected on the stables behind the main house. L'Ecurie, Le Hurel Farm, Trinity Road (T).
1540. (circle) TCB. Partial lintel, now a step at rear of Le Hurel Dower, Trinity Road (T) - see also 627.
1541. J.A.E. (entwined hearts) C.J.D. 1890. John Adolphus Emily of St Martin, Gentleman, son of John Emily of Beechfield (T) and Clara Jane Dallain of St Lawrence daughter of Alphonse Dallain of Highlands (St L) m. (St H) 23.8.1881; 1891 Census, reference Trinity District 9: Folio 208: Page 4. High barn arch (cast in concrete) behind La Chasse, Rue du Hurel (T).
1542. PDSC.RDSC.1795. Philippe de Ste Croix of St Lawrence and Rachel de Ste Croix of St Helier m.(St L) 11.7.1790; La Roussetterie (now part of Hollydale Estate), Le Mont Felard (St L) - see also 678.
1543. PBN 1862. Carved on a much older window lintel at Les Varvots (St L).
1544. EL 1736. Elie Luce; lintel over the old building at Le Passage Farm, headquarters of Cooke's Rose Farm, Le Passage (St L).
1545. PHM IDSX 1813. Pierre Hamon of St Ouen and Jeanne de Ste Croix of St Helier m. (St L) 23.2.1793; slightly overgrown lintel at Montrose, Le Passage (St L).
1546. E (but should be F) LB (entwined hearts) MLD 1832. François Le Brocq and Marie Le Dain t.d. St Peter m. (St P) 5.9.1801; lintel on the barns behind Homestead (St P) - see also 201.
1547. JBD (entwined hearts) SGF 1811. Jean-Philippe Bosdet and Susanne Giffard t.d. St Peter m. (St P) 14.6.1804; lintel at Apple Barn, La Rue de la Vieux Presbytere (St P).
1548. JB 1853. Colonel Joshua Brayn (who also appears on the St Aubin Milestone). Roadside arch capstone at Highfield Farm, Les Ruettes (St S) - identified in The Memoirs of Edward Le Brocq - published October 2000 by Philip Le Brocq.
1549. ADW MLP 1966. Marriage stone for Rev. Dr Anthony Douglas Williams and Marian Louise Perrée. Originally on the front of the house, the present owner has moved it to a doorway under the barn arch. Le Trésor, Ville ès Gazeaux (St L). This couple also left an identical stone at 1344.
1550. ADW 1968. Rev. Dr Anthony Douglas Williams; cistern head at Le Trésor, Ville ès Gazeaux (St L).
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